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I have the newest version of itunes for pc. I have updated firmware for my drivers and my computer is up to date also. When I try to burn a disc, I get error code 4000. It acts like it is going to burn, but then I get the error after about 3 minutes. Also, all of my playlists that I had disappeared. Any ideas?

Can I take itunes out and reput in without losing my songs that I have imported?


HP, Windows XP
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    Ok, so i have had this same problem for a very long time and have been incredibly frustrated, but I just tried turning off the "Include cd text" option and my cd is now burning!! Try this and see if it works for you also...
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    Amazing. You are a genius. They really should have that in the help section of burning problems. It was so easy!!!!!!

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    I know I couldn't believe it was that easy either. I actually found it when I ran CD diagnostics....at the very bottom of the diagnostics page was a little comment saying something like "if you are having trouble burning try turning off write cd text option" and i was just like well why has no one else seen this!!
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    Thank you so much! I was able to burn a cd for the first time in months! I actually held my breath, because I have gone through a lot of perfectly blank cds, only to have to throw them away! The answer was there all along and I don't know how I missed it when I ran the diagnostics before. Running the iTunes Diagnostics gave me the full explaination why I was getting the error 4000, and told me how to disable the cd text option in perferences. I really appreciate being able to reach out to the iTunes community, but it is a little alarming that my cries for support to Apple seemed to fall on deaf ears! Thank you to everyone that cared enough to put in a word or suggestion. I am so very happy to have access to my 300+ albums that I bought and loaded into iTunes!!! Life is good!