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I've seen a lot of posts that have similar problems, but none that seem to answer my question, so here goes.

I downloaded the latest update on Friday, Sep 5 08 (sorry, no clue what version - 2.something). The update got stuck on the "verifying iPhone software" screen. After about 12 hours, I exited, unplugged my phone, restarted iTunes, and tried again. ITunes said it had detected an iPhone in recovery mode and asked me if I wanted to restore the iPhone "iPhone" (not my iPhone name, it apparently lost that data...) to its factory setting. My only options were "restore and update" and "cancel". I chose "restore and update". It got stuck on the "verifying iPhone software" screen again, and has gotten stuck there every single time I've tried. AT&Ts only advise was to "repair" iTunes, and if that didn't work, uninstall and reinstall iTunes. The repair function didn't work (and yes, I restarted my computer after repairing). I'm somewhat afraid to uninstall iTunes because I've never backed up my data, so I'm afraid I'm going to lose all my contacts and calendar. Is there a way to save that information or will the uninstall not effect it?

Any help in getting my iPhone to be more than a hunk of useless plastic would be appreciated.

PC, Windows XP Pro
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    AT&T probably not the best place to call for iPhone problems.

    Call Apple iPhone Support at 800-694-7466
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    AT&T has an option to talk to an iPhone rep. Anyway, I ended up having to go to an Apple store an hour and a half away, where they restored my iPhone. I asked if the problem would reoccur if I restored my back-up, and the "genius" said he didn't know anything about PCs, so he couldn't tell me. Great support... I did restore my back-up from the previous version. No problems yet. Just cost me about 4 gallons of fuel and 4 hours of my life... And Apple says they're better than Microsoft? Yeah, right.
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    Mgcat, why don't you go visit a Microsoft store...OH WAIT THERE IS NONE.
    Apple does the best they can to assist people with their issues. We don't care how much you spent on gas...

    Anyways, if your iphone "Screws up again" then its defiantly a HW issues, which apple does cover".
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    On a different computer device:

    1) Download and install ITunes
    2) Connect your iPhone
    3) Complete a Restore of the iPhone by selecting Restore on the iPhone menu
    4) Check the status of the iPhone - once the Restore is complete, the iPhone should be operational without your dat
    5) Disconnect the iPhone
    6) Go to the computer device where you originally had the issue
    7) Bring up iTunes
    8) Conduct a restore from Backup on the iPhone device menu (click on menu) - this will bring back your data

    Please note that you do not need to have your iPhone reset at the Apple Store if this works and that setting up a separate user id on the same computer does not work if the iTunes application is available for all users on the device.