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So i have been having this problem since the 2.02 update came out. Every time i download the file i get an error message saying that it could not be installed because the iphone firmware was corrupt. I have tried rebooting both my computer and phone to no avail. I have deleted the .ispw firmware file in the itunes folder. I tried restoring my phone but still get the same corrupted firmware error. I have never had a problem updating till now, and i havent the slightest clue as to what is causing this. Any help would be great.

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    Try a forced restore:

    1. Start iTunes. Go to prefs -> Syncing -> Disable automatic syncing.

    2. Plug iPhone to a USB connected directly to the computer (no external hubs).

    3. Simultaneously *hold down the home and sleep/wake buttons until the screen goes blank, then continue to press the home button alone* until iTunes sees the phone in restore mode.

    4. Restore the phone and set up as a "New iPhone" - don't restore from a backup.

    5. Before manually synching - check the phone functions.

    6. Instead of synching everything, go to the applications page and add each one at a time.

    7. If you still get the corrupt firmware message, there is a hardware defect and you need to take it to the Apple store genius.

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    By doing what you said will i lose all my contacts and messages? Just wondering because you said dont restore from a backup.
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    You will lose your messages, yes. However, so long as you have been syncing with a PIM program you will not lose your contacts.
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    It is not unusual to lose messages that are stored on the iPhone or any other cell that may be stored in volatile memory during these situations.
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    Alright thanks for all the good info so far guys. One more question i have is what is a good free PIM? I have only synced my iphone with itunes, or is it possible to just retrieve my contacts from the backup file in itunes?
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    iTunes does not store your contacts. They are stored either in Windows Address Book or Outlook on a PC.

    WAB is already installed on XP so if you want free, use that.