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My iPhone is stuck on the apple logo (like when you're turning it on!)

It's been like that for 20 minutes or so. I've reset it, plugged it into the computer (and it wont sync) is there ANYTHING i can do?!

Pleaaaaaaaaaase help me!!!!!!

Compaq, Windows Vista
Solved by Jim VanLeeuwen on Sep 8, 2008 10:30 PM Solved
Read this article and follow the instructions: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 Level 6
    Read this article and follow the instructions: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808
  • nyyankeesfan Level 1 Level 1
    but i've done that twice and now it is frozen on the logo for the third time! i dont wanna do another restore because it took like 3 hours and EVERYTHING is gone on my phone now, like my notes, contacts, texts, etc. I'm thinking its time to get the 3G if my first gen. is gonna continue screwing up like this... does anyone have any other advice?
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    do the following keeping the phone connected all time to the USB:

    1. Hold power and home to reboot. After about 5minutes the screen with Apple logo will dim slightly.

    2. When the screen dims, repeat step 1. In fact,repeat 2 more times. The last time you should be able to see the home screen again.

    That's about it!
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    I tried that procedure (And others) at least 5-7 times last weekend, it didn't help.

    ..And neither did the latest restore point, and even when I restored the old restore (2 months), when I had spent 6 hours restoring and installing and configuring my phone back to where it was before the crash....It crashed again!

    And because it did an automatic backup of the current setup, now all my previous backups had been deleted and I had to restore it from scratch, which took another 6-8 hours with syncs and installs...

    Safe to say; Weekend was ruined.

    I use my phone in my job, now I have to rethink my iPhone use and possibly buy a different brand because I can't trust the iPhone anymore. If it crashed a few days earlier when I was on a month travel in the indian ocean and eastern europe I would be in huge trouble.
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    Yeah I just did an updated of a small app on my iphone. As soon as I saw the phone reset I knew I was screwed. I wouldn't mind it if it was not my only phone. Now I am dead in the water trying to do a restore but that does not even work as iTunes is locked up trying to connect to it. iPhone 3G was released way before it was ready. Apple needs to slow down development and stay in beta testing longer. Maybe I will switch back to my blackberry as that phone works like a champ, even after I dropped it several times.
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    Mine did this same exact thing and it is the 1st generation iphone. So it isnt just the 3G.