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My iphone 3g syncs up to itunes and uploads and downloads everything fine. but WILL NOT CHARGE. I plugged it into the computer and the wall.
I have turned the phone off then on. I have reset it twice.
When I plug it in to either the computer or the wall I can see the RED barely filled battery picture in the background, but the little white battery symbol at the top right of the phone just shows the plug symbol inside the little white battery as if to say it's charged when it clearly is NOT. It will not show the lightning bolt symbol and it will not charge.
Please Help. I can't call phone support as I have no charge.

Windows XP
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    If the wall charger won't charge the phone, there is no choice but to get another charger and cable.

    Go to the nearest ATT store or Apple store (bring the phone with you) and see what they have. (Even a car charger will get you by). Most ATT stores have a charger cable plugged in behind the desk somewhere. If that does not work the phone is defective and needs to be replaced.

    Know anyone else with an Iphone that will let you borrow the charger for a bit.
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    why would it sync perfectly to itunes but not charge if the cord was bad?
    the cable has been working for the three weeks I've had the phone.
    It shows the lighting bolt as if it's charging while it's syncs with itunes as soon as it's done it's goes away and shows it as charged.
    I just tried a whole new cable as well
    and it didn't work it did the exact same thing.
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    Just because the data lines in the cord work does not mean that the power lines work.

    ( Its a 5 pin cable on one end and a 4 pin cable on the other end.)

    You may have damaged the connector in the base of the iphone too. Same deal there, a pin not making contact or something.

    What is the longest you have left it on the wall charger? It can take quite a while if its totally depleted, or nearly so.

    Is it hot? It will stop charging if it gets too hot.
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    no it's not hot
    it's been on the computer all day
    I just plugged it into the wall to see if it would work and it didn't
    i've cleaned it.
    I don't mean to sound angry at you but I just bought this phone it should work.
    Thanks for trying to help.
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    I plugged mine into a computer that had drivers which had silently crashed and the computer made the connection noise, but the phone didn't make any noise. I didn't notice this for a while. When i did notice I could see that the charge meter was running in reverse, it was discharging. It never gave a proper reading till I used the wall charger for quite a while.

    But yours sounds like something might be wrong with the phone itself. So I would to the forced power down, (both buttons till it goes black) and take it to the ATT store or Apple store rather than fight it and possibly discharge it to the point where battery damage can occur.
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    Just letting you know I've had this problem about 10-15 times with my new iPhone 3G. It went away after updating from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 and came back today! Here are the screenshots from my phone today. Pay attention to the iCal Date, and time at the top... the battery icon and messages... ive done restores and everything... NOTHING


    this happens on a wall charger that came with the 3G, mac book pro usb.... etc...
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    this happen to me last week....mine is working now,,,i dont know what caused it but i had left my phone home to charge,,,it was on standy by--dark screen,,,,i came home to find the screen on,,,and a text message alert,,,the phone hot,and the battery half way...........then it didnt wanna charge,,,,so i left it there (unplugged) for an hr,then went back try again--it worked
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    it already has the newest updates on the phone.
    it started doing this yesterday.
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    those pictures didnt help lol my phone shows charged in the upper right corner but it is not
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    Why do you say that your phone isn't charged lol? If you have been doing all the things with the phone that you say and it hasn't died it probably is charged.
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    no it finally died
    it is NOT charged
    it's dead
    I was just on the phone with apple for two hours and they agree they are sending me a replacement phone

    so thanks everyone