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Here is the exact text of the error message I receive when I try to install the latest version of iTunes on my WinXP system:

"Error 1606.Could not access network location :."

I have seen similar 1606 errors come up a few times on these boards, but never with this exact (:) location given. I've tried all of the other suggestions - reinstalling Java, completely uninstalling iTunes, and even going through the registry files to make sure that nothing points to an invalid drive. I'm completely at a loss.

Does anyone have an answer to this riddle?

Now that iTunes is uninstalled on my system, I am forced to consider replacing it with a third-party media program, but I'd really rather not go that route if I don't have to. Any help would be appreciated.


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    So you successfully uninstalled iTunes but you are getting a message about the network location when you try to install it again.

    Try doing an installer cleanup:
    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program.


    Run the installer cleanup:
    –All Programs>>Windows Install Cleanup

    Delete any entries you find for iTunes and try again.
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    Done, but problem persists.

    I suspect that the uninstallation of iTunes might have been compromised. Are there any files, folders, or registry keys that I could delete manually so that I have a fresh installation?
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    It might be worth doing a complete removal of iTunes related programs with cleanup in case one of the other things is causing trouble:

    Here is a full method, you have already done some of it.

    Download a fresh copy of iTunes and the stand alone version of Quicktime (the one without iTunes)


    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program –All Programs>>Windows Install Cleanup


    Now use the following method to remove iTunes and its components:


    If you hit a problem with one of the uninstalls don't worry, carry on with the deleting of files and folders as directed in the method.

    When you get to deleting Quicktime files in the system32 folder as advised in the method, you can delete and file or folder called Quicktime.

    Restart your PC.

    Run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. (Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up)

    Remove any references you find to the programs you removed - strictly speaking you only need to worry about those programs where the uninstall failed.

    restart your PC

    Install the stand alone Quicktime and check that it works.

    If it does, install iTunes.

    I don't like giving advice on editing the registry because of the potential for trouble and I am not an expert on it.

    There are some apple folders in
    Documents & settings\youraccount\application data (hidden folder)

    Sometime things don't show up correctly in the cleanup utility. If you see and blank entries or numeric entries that look like Quick time version numbers, those cna be deleted.

    If you are still on XP SP2 it might be worth checking the right Windows Installer version - but I haven't seen that as an issue for ages. Sometimes things don't show up properly in the cleanup utility with an old version of the Windows Installer.

    Go to Add/Remove programs, and have a look at your Windows Installer entry.

    does it say "Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803)"? or does it say something different?
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    I followed your steps, restarted and installed Quicktime without a hitch.

    But then I tried to install iTunes... everything seemed completely normal, and it looked like the installation was almost complete, and then the same error message popped up again.

    To answer your questions: Yes, I think I'm still technically at SP2, but I've gone to MS Update several times, and it doesn't even offer me SP3. (I can only assume that I already have the necessary patches and upgrades contained therein.) My Windows installer is indeed version 3.1.

    The only thing fishy when I run the cleanup utility is a blank entry with version numbers that read, "" I have no idea what this refers to, so I did not delete it.

    Any other ideas?
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    I am not sure about that funny numeric entry either.

    Usually these Networks resource error are fixed by installer cleanup. I guess there must be a bad entry in the registry somewhere. If it doesn't identify the resource it's looking for, there is nothing to search on.

    I wonder if creating an installer log would help work out what the probelm is.

    Open a cmd Window – Start>>RUN CMD
    Drag iTunesSetup.exe to command window to get full path
    Then after it type a space then:
    /l*v C:\log.txt

    The installer will create a log file c:\log.txt

    The result will probably be pretty incomprehensible, but you should be able to find where it failed and maybe the error message will be more helpful.

    I am disappearing so so maybe someone else will pick this up.

    I forgot to mention this link that may help with the registry:
    http://consumerdocs.installshield.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=Q110 724&sliceId=1

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    Wow, that log really was long and confusing.

    I ended up manually deleting my Bonjour program directory (since attempting to uninstall gave me the same 1606 error), running Install Cleanup again, and then running RegCleaner, which found three iTunes entries that could be safely deleted.

    One of those things fixed my problem, and now I'm back in business using iTunes.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Glad to hear you fixed it.

    I think the funny numeric entry in the cleanup utility may have been bonjour. Perhaps we should have had the courage to deleted it.