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    I think the uninstall part was for the ones who already installed the "old" version of iTunes 8. But maybe u should uninstall Apple Mobile Device; just in case.
  • dbinaz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    As an FYI.

    I upgraded as soon as it came out. No problems whatsoever. I have Vista Home Premium SP1. I have USB stuff. I have Logitech mouse and cam.

  • AndyT4097 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    Yeah, me as well. I dont have a HP printer, but I have a Logitech mouse and I have the software for it installed on my Gateway notebook. Still no problems. Hmmm....
  • mrsplants Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    Im a newbie @ vista and I had just downloaded the itunes 7.7 last week and everything is fine so I'm assuming I can just go to download site and update itnes & QT from there. After reading the posts her I never installed the faulty 8.0 version. Also after can you u uninstall that mobile me crap and bonjour??? thanks
  • Stones_1904 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I guess so. I never use mobile me or bonjour, but according to apple everything is ok.
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    You shouldn't have to uninstall version 7 since that was working fine. I'd just download the version now on the Apple site and you should be good to go. As far as uninstalling MobileMe and Bonjour, I see no reason why you couldn't uninstall them if you have no intention of using either. I'm just leaving them installed on my system. Not a biggie to me.
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    Hi Corch

    This seems to be a more widespread problem even than the BSOD. There are a number of iPods that are just refusing to play ball. I have an 80Gb Classic, and not only is it not recognised by iTunes, it's not even seen as a storage device on the computer. Going into the hardware profiles yields the info that the drivers have disappeared (mysteriously in the transition from iTunes 7 to iTunes 8) and that ones downloaded from Apple cannot be installed because they are not supported on this platform (error 28). Does anyone have a solution? I am extremely PO'd at having my laptop and iTunes library converted into nothing more than a charging device for an iPod that refuses to sync...
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    Good Morning,
    When is Apple going to fix this problem? As of now, my iPod Classic is a useless device, since it crashes my system every time I plug it in.

    This problem needs to be fixed TODAY!!!

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    Ok I updated thru the itunes download site and its fine I updated my touch to the 2.1 update too noproblems so far. Running vista ultimate 64 phew!!
  • MSchenker Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Good Afternoon,
    So, is this a problem with the iPod Touch as well as the iPod Classic? I was thinking of buying an iPod Touch, but if this problem continues I won't bother.

    What was Apple thinking when they released this software with these issues?

    As of now, my Classic is a useless hunk of glass and metal since it crashes my computer every time I plug it in.

    Apple -- fix this problem now!

  • Patrick Flaherty Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    At least in my case (XP; 80GB 5.5) it's fixed.

    Look at the link in Roy B of Apple's post above. Basically you just uninstall your current bad iTunes and then download from the regular location a (largely unannounced) new and working version of the usual install kit.

    Stealth mode.
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    God, what a disaster: Now we have two different versions of software and drivers that have the same version number! Was there any way to handle this more incompetently?
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    I'm not sure whether my issue is linked or not, but I certainly had the BSOD rubbish. That now seems to have gone.

    However, I am getting continuing Raid errors with Itunes 8 installed. This happened with 7 as well, but was fixed using the Intel Matrix Storage console, and setting the drive back to normal. That fix no longer works, I have downloaded ver 8.5 of the Intel prog, and still no joy.

    I have currently uninstalled the 2 Apple programs recommended in the fix thread, and the machine is running fine, no more Raid issues. I have installed the "supposedly" fixed version this afternoon, and within minutes Raid errors. Therefore its an Itunes or rather Apple issue, and needs fixing.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them. Currently my Ipod remains disconnected, and will remain so until Apple sort out this rubbish.

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    Raid errors have absolutely nothing to do with your iphone.

    One or more of your drives may be failing. Take up that issue with HP (or who ever you purchased from).

    You might see raid errors more often with itunes because it makes extensive use of your hard drive. That will trigger underlying hardware errors. Same would be true of any disk intensive application.

    Of course, bsod events won't help. They can leave the raid in a state of needing to be synced (rebuilt - automated by the matrix software).

    So if the Matrix Storage says it is rebuilding the array, just step away from the keyboard and let it work. You only increase the risk and the slowness by putting heavy use on the drive while its rebuilding the array.

    Also run any diagnostics on the machine that you have (after array is rebuilt), because persistent raid problems indicate bad drives.
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