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I open up the new iTunes, and I pull up visualizer, goes about 1 second and then windows says it just 'Recovered from a Serious Error'. I have an iPhone 3G, and an iPod Video (5G), neither of them were plugged in when this happend. I tried it again to see if it was a one time fluke, but no. Anyone else here seen this?

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    same problem here. was one of the things i was excited about too. if anyone has a solve for this, please help.
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    Another guy with no visualization. Apple is getting to be like Microsoft. Turning out products that don't work. I have purchased 2 iphones, 3 ipods and an imac just recently and not sure I can commit to their products any more. They really need to debug this stuff before it goes mainstream.
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    Yes, indeed like Microsoft. I thought I'd add that if I send an error report to Microsoft about the problem, it brings up a web page that says, Serious Error Caused by Drivers. It gives me some steps to solve the problem, but I don't want to reinstall my video card drivers... I don't see anything wrong with my video card drivers, everything else works fine.
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    My visualizer works for 2 songs, then when it goes to the next it crashes when the Magnetosphere visualizer is on.

    Further, it just shows WHITE DOTS on the visualizer, the rest of the art looks very brilliant and smooth. Is that due to a bad install? Or is my graphics card not capable of displaying it?

    Works smooth and error free with old itunes visualizer.
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    The iTunes new visualizer is amazing got no problems with it, another good program .