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Has anybody heared anything about lanyards with built in headphones. I didn't buy the 3G because there wasn't any for that model. Now I'm hoping there will be

MB 2.0, Mac OS X (10.5.4), iPod touch, nano 4g?
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Actually the 1st Generation Lanyard Headphones fit the 3rd Generation iPod Nano.
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    yes i agree with ian but do remember the 1st gen earphones do not have a mic.

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    If they don't bring back the lanyard I won't be buying a 4G Nano. Actually I would buy one if one of the old lanyard happened to work, I don't need the microphone or remote. This will be the first one that I haven't bought. Actually I wouldn't have bought the 3G if my 1G wasn't stolen out of my car. I would love to replace the 2G that I use every day at work with the 4G but I consider the lanyard to be essential.
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    This is a big problem for me to! I use my 1G at work, listening to podcasts. With the lanyard the haedphones doesn't get stuck in anytning, and I can easily pause the podcast if anyone at work talks to me.
    However, the battery in the old nano is really bad now, so I have to get a new one.

    A swedish site indicates that old accesories (with both dock and audio) doesn't work because the curved nano forces the connections to be closer to the center.
    Google translate: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmac.feber.se%2****%2F73807% 2Fnyananon_med_gamla_tillbehr_%2F&sl=sv&tl=en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
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    I tried a 1st gen Apple in-ear Lanyard on the 4th gen Nano at the Apple store today and it didn't fit. The holes are closer together on the new nano because of the curvature.

    This caused some interest in the store. The Lanyard is no longer carried in the store (on-line only) and most of the Apple store staff had not seen an Apple lanyard, didn't know it existed, and thought it was a cool idea. They said they had heard nothing about Apple making a lanyard for the new nano.

    My wife uses the lanyard for listening while reading in bed at night. I don't know why Apple appears to be dropping it. Even if you put a lanyard through a case and got the new head phones, you'd get all tangled up in them in bed.
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    Here's the picture comparing the port connector and headphone jack form factors of the 1st, 2nd, and 4th gen Nanos:
    iPod Nano form factor comparison
    (from this review, http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/First-Look/iPod/iPod-Nano-4G )

    Unfortunately, while it looks like (with 20-20 foresight) there could have been a common form factor for all models, instead they are all different.

    I also agree with the indispensable nature of of lanyard headphones -- if the Nano isn't 'wearable' in a convenient way free of tangling wires, what's the point of it's small, lightweight size? If I can't have a wearable device, I might as well wear BlueTooth wireless stereo headphones and have any any old device off to the side that can pump out A2DP to the headphones -- even that would be more elegant than feet of headphone wires hanging around.

    I'm impressed by the 4th Gen Nano, but until a 'wearable' solution with no tangling wires for it appears, I'm going to be holding on to my 2nd Nano -- a shame really because I would really like 16GB, video ability, and cover flow.
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    Thanks - i've been using the Griffin Tunebuds Lanyard on my 1st and 3d gen nano. Lanyard is essential to ipod functionality for me - hate cables. I like the Griffin's silence effect having the in-ear type over the saucer type buds apple sells. Tried it on 4Gen - didn't work but i thought the 2nd gen lanyard might work - but the picture below shows it clearly will not. I don't see any easy way to kluge a replacement because the headphone plug and dummy connector are both needed to hold it in place and messing with the Griffin dummy edge connector could damage the ipod, connector. No superglue solutions in sight. So if Griffin doesn't offer one soon the 4G is going back unopened.
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    dickkcid wrote:
    Thanks - i've been using the Griffin Tunebuds Lanyard on my 1st and 3d gen nano. Lanyard is essential to ipod functionality for me - hate cables. I like the Griffin's silence effect having the in-ear type over the saucer type buds apple sells.

    Hi dickkcid,

    So how does the sound quality of the Tunebuds compare to the original Apple earbuds?

    After you post I went and looked at them, not the lanyard ones, but just the normal ones and I have been thinking of getting a new pair of earphones that do a better job of blocking out external noise. Right now they have a great deal where you can buy the 5 pack of the colored ones for $40 ($8 each). We have three iPods in the family, so I am sure they would get used.

    I originally used my Apple ones which were fine most of the time. Later we got an HP laptop that came with some earbuds like the apple ones, but were black and had an inline volume control on them (great for the gym when the loud song comes on, you are on the treadmill and the iPod is in the pocket). A comparison between the two and I found the HP ones sounded better than Apple's, so coupled with being in black and a sound control on the cord, I stopped using the Apple ones.

    But in both cases, they had the same disc shaped ear design which isn't good for loud environments, so I am looking at ones that seal out external noise.

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    Good sound quality. Griffin has since discontinued the lanyard models but a few are still available online on ebay. just search for griffin lanyard. Suggest you write to griffin at iwant@griffintechnology.com to ask that they bring them back. i agree with all the previous comments that lanyards are integral to the portableness of the nanos. i wear mine most of the time. worn inside the shirt they are inconspicuous, outside they are almost jewelry, on a plane they replace noise with music (even better with bose noise cancel worn over them).
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    Me too, I badly miss the lanyards with built-in earphones! Unfortunately, none of the old nano lanyards fits the new 4th generation iPod nano. The distance between the connectors became slightly narrower. Apple, please... Maybe as a Xmas wish? Everyone thanks for posting. I am glad to see that I am not the only one badly missing Apple nano lanyards!