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I seem to remember the last time I sent in my iBook they fixed everything for a flat rate of $300. I managed to drop my new(to me) PowerBook the first time I used it and the latch wouldn't closed. Later the same day I tripped over the power cord and loosened the DC board. I have now been informed, by the place I took it to get fixed, that my motherboard is likely cracked because it is having startup problems. When I took it in, I had been using it for several months, just wiggling the power cord a lot and using a piece of tape to keep it closed, and it was working fine. The guy who has it is saying $800 to fix it all and I'm wondering how much Apple will actually fix for $300. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi, spock74. Based on two or three dozen posts here concerning what was and wasn't covered for various people under the Flat Rate Repair Program, it seems very unlikely that a machine you've dropped and bashed around is going to be eligible for that program at all. Anecdotal reports indicate that obvious indications of abuse such as your machine exhibits will either disqualify it from the program or raise the fee substantially. But the criteria for Flat Rate Repair eligibility have never been published by Apple, so no one but Apple can tell you whether your Powerbook qualifies. Take it to a Genius Bar and ask.
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    That's kind of what I was thinking. Thanks for the reply.