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Am I missing something? The camera appears to have no controls other than press the shutter - no exposure adjustment, no night settings, nothing. Is there a settings page somewhere? If not then this is a step back in time. I haven't owned a camera/phone that is so poor in low light since the days when digital cameras were first invented.

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    Yes, you're missing something. You're missing an actual digital camera, which the iPhone is not.

    You can submit feedback to Apple: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html
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    neuroanatomist wrote:
    Yes, you're missing something. You're missing an actual digital camera, which the iPhone is not.

    Thanks for the reply and the feedback link but I must disagree with you. It has a lens, a cmos sensor, a shutter, a camera roll. It most definitely is an actual digital camera. The phone I just replaced, an old Sony-Ericsson had scene modes, panorama, exposure adjustment. It took beautiful photographs at night. These are the sort of things that have become the norm for very basic cameras these days as they are software items that are cheap and easy to implement. Hardware items like flash and optical zoom are more expensive to make and are rare in camera phones so far. I knew that the iPhone has a particularly basic camera, but having no controls whatsoever is surprising. It is annoying to now have to put a 2nd camera in a pocket when I go out.

    The iPhone camera reminds me of my first ever camera when I was a kid in 1963 - a Kodak Brownie Starlet. OOps, no I am wrong, the Starlet had a setting button for color and black and white which gave it one more control than the iPhone camera has! And it could use flash!
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    Oh yes, I know. I was being facetious... The iPhone's camera definitely leaves something to be desired - but, as you state, there's a lot that can be implemented in software; thus, the feedback link.
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    Always a good idea to check out an expensive product BEFORE you buy it -
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    I did. Why are you telling me?
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    He is telling you what many are thinking, and that is that the limitations of the camera were something to consider before purchase. Software may be able to mitigate some of these issues, but I have not seen, nor heard, anything yet.

    The camera does appear to have high enough resolution that most issues can be handled in image editing software.
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    (I know. Was picking a nit, but bunnydrumming replied +to me+, not to the original poster. I knew what sort of camera I was getting, because I did research my purchase before I made it. Your response was appropriately directed to me, but bunnydrumming's response should have been directed to the OP, not to me.)
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    Here there are shortages of the iPhone and the way it works is you sign up for the plan and then get the phone delivered (seems to be 1 to 3 weeks to get it) Trying it out first is not always an option.

    Besides email and apps had to over ride knowledge of a poor camera

    I do believe the other North American smartphone - the Blackberry also has a poor camera, but in the rest of the world we are used to 3G smartphones from European and Asian manufacturers and the cameras on those are superb, but even the cameras on their cheap dumb phones tend to have more features than the iPhone.
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    artistjoh wrote:
    but even the cameras on their cheap dumb phones tend to have more features than the iPhone.

    True, though many of those setting, such as digital zoom, are not really features - more the illusion of features.

    The iPhone camera is very simplistic.