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Does anyone know of a way to transfer passwords from Firefox to Safari? I don't need help with bookmarks - just passwords. For instance, I don't have my bank bookmarked, but the password is saved so that when I visit my bank's site, my username and password pop up instantly. All of this stuff is saved in Firefox. How do I get it over to Safari?

And please, I'm not looking to commiserate with people. Don't post here simply to say "Yeah! I'm having the same problem." It's not helpful. If you have a solution, I'll take it.

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    There's only one way, and that's with a third-party password manager, 1Password. There is no way to export the passwords from Firefox and import them into Safari or any other browser, and you can't copy/paste the data, either. 1Password is able to import this information from Firefox into the program so you can use your passwords regardless of the browser you choose.

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    Thanks for the info. $34.95 is a little more than I wanted to spend. I'm just going to Grab the screen that displays my usernames and passwords, save as a pdf, print out and just enter them as I visit those sites.