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How do I get godaddy to work with iweb? Do I need mobile me to make a site? If I get mobile me do I still have to have a purchased Domain name? I have no idea where to start. I have a Godaddy address and I purchased a Domain name from them. How do I get it to work with Godaddy? Does anyone know how to get iweb to work with godaddy?

iMac G5 Intel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Ok, you have a lot of questions there... i use godaddy with my iweb website. Have you built an iweb site yet? that's where you need to start. once you have that, then you can click publish, then go to your site and grab the mobile me address (it will be long and will probably end with site #1 or 2 or whatever). then log in to godaddy and there is a space there to paste or enter the mobile me address. then click to complete the process. Be patient, it doesn't happen right away. it can take several hours or overnight for the redirect link to hook up properly. That should get you started, if you need clarification on any of the points let me know. i only check this forum every couple of days or so.
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    i should add too that using a custom domain name made it much easier to guide people to my site... good choice on that!
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    1. No, you do not need a MobileMe account to be able to use iWeb and create a site. Just click on iWeb and you can start creating your site anytime you want.

    2. If you have a MobileMe account, then no, you do not need a purchased domain name. From within iWeb, you can just click on Publish All to MobileMe and your site will be published there on your iDisk, which is the Apple server. Your url for your site will then be http://web.me.com/username if you have just the one site or http://web.me.com/username/sitename if you have more than one site. However, having said this, if you have a domain name that has already been purchased from GoDaddy, then you can use it in conjunction with a MobileMe account.

    3. To get your domain name from GoDaddy to work with MobileMe, you need to firstly publish your site to MobileMe. You then need to log into your MMe account and go to the Personal section where there is an option to add your domain name. Click here to add your domain name. Then go to the control panel at GoDaddy and you need to alter the DNS settings, so there will be your domain name and you then need to enter CNAME and this will be forwarded to web.me.com and it should work after about 24 hours. If you can't do this, then contact GoDaddy and tell them that you want to use CNAME forwarding to your site and get them to do it for you. They need to forward to web.me.com.

    4. If you do not want to bother with a MobileMe account, then go into iWeb and create your site. Instead of publishing to MobileMe, click on Publish all to a folder and the site folder, plus a separate index.html file will be published to your desktop. You then need to download an ftp client such as Cyberduck and use this to upload your folder and file directly to your web space at GoDaddy. Place the two files in the Public_html folder at GoDaddy and your site will then be visible.
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    Ethmoid, when I put my domain in MME it directs that site to my personal site. Wydomr said to put web.me.com into MME domain, but it's "being used." I changed the ANAME and CNAME but the site (wwgandeconstruction.com) is still asking for a password. I do have Fetch, would it be easier that way? I do want MME to host the business site, do I change the Nameservers. I'm totally lost now.
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    When I type in http://wwgandeconstruction.com/ I see this:


    So from my point of view it is working.

    But when I use http://wwgandeconstruction.com/ again I get the login window.

    And I think the index.html file is missing in the root.


    Solve that to.

    And a network lookup shows you haven't changed the CNAME

    ;wwgandeconstruction.com. IN A

    wwgandeconstruction.com. 3064 IN CNAME web.mac.com.
    web.mac.com. 5552 IN CNAME homepage.mac.com.
    homepage.mac.com. 6020 IN A

    As explained yesterday the CNAME should be web.me.com
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    Okay. You DO NOT put web.me.com in the personal domain name section of MobileMe. You enter the domain name that you want to use, so go there and enter mydomainname.com and click done. Next, you need to go to your domain host and set up the CNAME forwarding to something similar to www, CNAME and then web.me.com and that should work.

    For every MobileMe account, you can only use CNAME and the personal domain name option ONCE. This means that if you want to host your business site with MMe, you can, but in that case, you would need to use web forwarding instead. To do this, go to the web forwarding section of your hosting company and just forward your domain name to web.me.com/username/sitename and that is it.

    If you don't want to do this, you do have the option of uploading directly to your domain hosting company.
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    So- I should
    A. remove masking/forwarding
    B. A NAME- Host Name: wwgandeconstruction.com
    Point to IP:

    C. C NAME- Alias: wwgandeconstruction.com.
    host name: web.me.com

    -how do I deal with my MME name in Me.com, it says it's taken? Do I have to put index elsewhere?
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    I am the domain manager for the company. Could I merely just forward the name as opposed to dealing with CNAME and MME? I really want to keep my domain attached to MME and just use idisk as the business "host"
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    I have this:

    Forwarding: (Last Update 9/12/2008)

    Do I need to wait? Or does DNS take precedent? If put the default info, and use forwarding- will that work? I can't believe I'm getting stuck on this! It's frustrating and I thank you all. Usually I trial and error this stuff and it works...
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    If you want to use CNAME, then go to your MMe account and enter your domain name there. Then go to the DNS section of your host, where your domain name should be displayed somewhere. Then enter www, CNAME and then web.me.com and it should forward within 24 hours.

    If you do not want to use CNAME forwarding, then go and remove your domain name from your MMe account and go to web forwarding instead and forward your site to web.me.com/username/sitename. This has nothing whatsoever to do with CNAME and the DNS settings and is separate, so if these are set, remove them and you only need change web forwarding. There is no CNAME involved here, but your domain name is still forwarded to your iWeb site and your site is still published to MMe.

    I honestly cannot see why you are having such difficulty with this? It is straightforward, but you seem to be making it harder than it needs to be.

    You have three options to choose from:

    1. Publish to MMe and forward using CNAME

    2. Publish to MMe and forward using web forwarding instead of CNAME

    3. Publish to a folder and upload directly with an ftp client
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    Your domainname is independent from MMe or anything.

    It's the prefex of the domain, the www. , the web. or home. part before the domainname that you use to route your domain to a webpage.

    My domain is http://wyodor.net/

    When you click it you see a placeholder page at my registrar.

    http://me.wyodor.net/ however is a CNAME that points to my webpages at MMe.

    I had to change the A Record of my domainname to have http://www.wyodor.net point to MMe. See article link below for the explanation.

    Other prefixes point to my Personal Webserver on my Mac at home. This one for instance:

    http://placeholder.wyodor.net/ (I shall keep my computer running during the night )

    For all these prefixes to my Mac at home I use an A Record. But the result is the same.

    You can use any prefix as a CNAME to point to MMe. I noticed that MMe only looks at the domainname, not the prefix part.

    FWIW, addding a CNAME or A Record takes about 15 minutes to propagate (to become active). Fastest time was 8 minutes. So the stories of 48-72 hours are way off in my case.

    For details how I manage my domain, read this article:


    +**“I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.”**+

    And now it's midnight. See you tomorrow.
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    I've published a website, www.antiquefaces.com, using iWeb, GoDaddy (the host), and MobileMe. To publish the site using my MobileMe address, I changed the CNAME at GoDaddy. So when I go to www.antiquefaces.com, it takes me to:

    I'd prefer the site to simply be www.antiquefaces.com/Welcome, but I can live with the long URL for now.

    The problem is that I've built another website using iWeb. I want the domain name to be shakespeareunlimited.org. But when I publish shakespeareunlimited.org using iWeb, and click the "Visit" button at the foot of the iWeb page, it takes me to:

    I want antiquefaces.com and shakespeareunlimited.org to be completely separate URLs, without the name of one in the other's URL. Is this possible with MobileMe?

    I went to the Apple Store in Manhattan and was told that Cyberduck or some FTP application may be able to help me, but I was fuzzy on the whole process. I have other sites I'd like to publish as well, also using iWeb and GoDaddy, but I don't know how to go about it or if mobileme is the way to go.

    Is there a step-by-step guide that could help me through this process?

    I'd be grateful for any help. Thanks!

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    when I publish shakespeareunlimited.org using iWeb, and click the "Visit" button at the foot of the iWeb page, it takes me to:

    Forget the visit button. That url does work, but no one will be using it. Assuming you have forwarded shakespeareunlimited.org url to your ShakespeareUnlimited site, that is the url you will give people and it will work correctly.

    I went to the Apple Store in Manhattan and was told that Cyberduck or some FTP application may be able to help me,

    They don't have a clue.