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ok.. I have the exact same issue as everyone else does.. My internet connection is fine.. I am able to browse the internet.. go into the itunes store in itunes.. download music.. Stream video previews.. but I just dont get how or why itunes can not be contacted I have tried:

- Flushing my DNS.. over and over...
- Going into internet options, Selected and Enabled automatically detect network settings and clicking OK, and OK
- Samething as top but Deselecting auto find network settings.. clicking OK, then OK, Then going back in and Selecting Automatically detect and OK, OK..
- Reinstalling itunes
- Restarted the workstation over and over..
- Disabling/enabling the network card..
- reset the network card.
- ipconfig renew and release.
- I dont have any firewall or antivirus installed other then the windows firewall which is disabled in the management consoled.
- Added the following in the dns, router, and everywhere that could be a possibility.
a. www.apple.com.akadns.net
b. a227.da1.akamai.com
c. confused: phobos.apple.com

ok.. is there anyone out there who is having the same problem?? or found a solution to this? been seraching for weeks on already.. thanks

N/a, Windows XP Pro