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etkal Level 1 (20 points)
Inside my work building I get 3-5 bars now in 3G mode (0-1 previously). However, if I try to get my location in Google Maps I get an error that "Your location could not be determined." If I turn off 3G and get an EDGE connection it works fine. Can anyone explain this?

HP, Windows Vista
  • eweb101 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't answer your question, but my iPhone is acting the same way as yours. It can find my location using Edge and wifi, but not using 3g since the update.
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    This is a common complaint. It might work better out side, but it always seems to work on edge.

    My speculation: ATT had not set all the exact tower locations on the 3G transmitters, and they all give the phone bogus hints as to where they are.

    These hints totally fool the REAL GPS receiver into mis-reporting position.

    See, its ATTs fault, not Apples

    But outside you would think that after a while it would get a good lock on the satellites and show the blue dot. So try outside for at least 5 minutes.

    Either that or the 3G radio swamps the GPS, but they bought those two chip sets from the same company, and you would THINK that the engineers would have known that, because it would fail all the time.
  • eweb101 Level 1 (0 points)
    Wow, a real Apple fan! An update from Apple breaks GPS for me, and somehow it's not Apple's fault.
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    Me and apple fan? Yikes! You don't read too many of my posts do you.

    I'm just guessing. Maybe your phone was using edge before when GPS was on and now its not?

    GPS has always been flaky for me in buildings.
  • etkal Level 1 (20 points)
    I saw this behaviour prior to the 2.1 update as well, but because of the 3G issues I always had that turned off. Now that 3G seems to be working acceptably well this is a bigger problem.

    If I go outside then I get the true GPS location, but the issue is when I'm inside with no GPS satellite signal.

    I also see the same problem that WiFi SSID trumps tower location (very bad), so when I'm at work and have WiFi enabled it sees one of our work APs but thinks it is located at our old office location (someone must have logged it for them a while back while wardriving). It took me a half hour the first time that happened to figure out how the heck a brand new iPhone would have any idea where I used to work...
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    I went outside and tried the GPS. It's always worked before in Philadelphia with 3g, now it doesn't. Works perfectly with Edge and wifi. Nothing to do with locations of AT&T 3g towers; GPS just doesn't work with 3g turned on.
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    If I go outside then I get the true GPS location, but the issue is when I'm inside with no GPS satellite signal.

    You and eweb101 need to compare notes, because he still insists it does not work, and he's lost in Philly.

    On Wifi and Egde, I first get the large circle, maybe 25 mile diameter, then a one mile circle (still wrong) and If I leave it sit there for a LONG time, I get a blue dot. Several minutes, and the blue dot is correct.

    Thats when I'm inside.

    Outside, if i had location services on all along, the bluedot is almost instant.
  • icebike Level 3 (740 points)
    After updating to 2.1 GPS went to a blue dot within 20 seconds. This was inside the building. Usually i have to wait a LONG time for an inside blue dot, and sometimes it never arrives.

    This was on edge, No 3G in this area.
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    I don't about you guys, but I live in Portugal and the GPS doesn't work with 3G on. Before 2.1 it worked fine.
    It has nothing to with AT&T.
    Hope someone finds a solution soon, or Apple releases 2.1.1

    Best regards

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    After posting the previous message, I went to another location and retried to get a fix on my location. In fact I got the fix. However I feel that the error is too big, about half a block. Isn't GPS supposed to work like a GPS? Anything more than 5 meters is a huge error. The Assisted GPS and gsm signals are to improve the GPS accuracy, not to replace it, as it seems to be the case.
    I will keep trying.
    Best regards
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    The only way I have been able to get the GPS feature within maps to work after the 2.1 update is to have edge AND wifi turned on at the same. Anything different than that combination will not locate me and says "can't find current location". I hope someone can find a fix or Apple releases another update to fix this, because this is a HUGE problem. This feature is suposed to be a main feature of iPhone 3g.
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    I wonder if it's somehow a regional problem. I also live in Philadelphia, and prior to the update, I had no problems with the Maps app and 3G. Since the update, like the others, I've been unable to connect to Maps, except when connected via Edge/WiFi.
  • FingerlakesMac Level 1 (10 points)
    Since 2.1 the GPS on my iphone doesn't work... Thanks Apple!!!!
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    Same problem. Only got cell triangulation fix (with 1700m error) no GPS dot at all. all other GPS 3rd party software will not acquire a location. I tried 3 restores and 5 resets and all other suggested fixes. Apple Please fix this.
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