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I tried to do the new update, my PC crashed. So I am now trying to do a restore from iTunes, and it has been stuck on "Verifying iPhone Software" for over an hour. I have an iPhone 3G 8GB about half full. Plenty of room on my hard drive.

Anyone know how long this should take??

Very frustrated, been without a phone for hours now...

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    I did a restore on my iPhone yesterday it took about 3.5 hours, I did the restore because when I synced it with outlook 2007 all my contacts disappeared from my iPhone, Apple rep. said it depends on how much info you have to be restored.
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    Ok but do you remember if it said "verifying iphone software" for 3.5 hours or something else.

    I can see if it was restoring my songs and such why it would take a while, but verifying software shouldn't take hours in my opinion. Maybe it's just a bad description of whats going on?
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    I performed an update from 2.0.2 to 2.1 on a 3G iPhone (using a Windows XP SP2 box -- fully patched) and had the "Verifying iPhone" wait-forever similar to your issue. I ended up stopping it and restoring on a Macintosh.
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    On a different computer device:

    1) Download and install ITunes
    2) Connect your iPhone
    3) Complete a Restore of the iPhone by selecting Restore on the iPhone menu
    4) Check the status of the iPhone - once the Restore is complete, the iPhone should be operational without your dat
    5) Disconnect the iPhone
    6) Go to the computer device where you originally had the issue
    7) Bring up iTunes
    8) Conduct a restore from Backup on the iPhone device menu (click on menu) - this will bring back your data

    Please note that you do not need to have your iPhone reset at the Apple Store if this works and that setting up a separate user id on the same computer does not work if the iTunes application is available for all users on the device.