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When I try to hook-up my iPod shuffle to my computer it doesn't read that anything is connected. My iPod won't charge when on the dock either. Is there a problem with my dock or with my iPod? I can't do any of the "5 R's" because you have to have your iPod connected to iTunes for that, and like I said, my computer doesn't even know anything is connected to it. Thanks for the help!

Gateway, Windows XP
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    If you connect the iPod dock to a different USB port, does anything change for the better?
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    My iPod Shuffle (1st generation) has the same problem. I see the same "answer" given as "try another USB port" and try the 5 R's, etc.

    HOWEVER, I have connected this Shuffle to three different Apple computers and two different PCs without success. No computer recognizes the Shuffle. It will not charge and it will not show up as a drive on any computer or iTunes.

    I have "reset" the Shuffle using the instructions and downloaded the iPod Reset Utility... but the computer can't reset something it can't recognize. Is there anything else I can try??