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    I am still having trouble with this, and worse than the last guy. I only sync 1 gmail email account and it only works manually or on the charger, and I sync my calendar with Google calendar via nuevasync - I can't tell if that is syncing often because I don't change my calendar very often.

    Thinking back I wonder if apple did know about this problem and that is why the software upgrade was not automatic. Remember that itunes did NOT automaticly upgrade the software from itunes. Instead apple told us, "To get it, connect your iPhone to your computer using iTunes 8 and click Check for Update." <>. It appears that this is only true for older phones (apple is apparently shipping new phones with the new software rev).

    How do you load an old rev of the software? In all reality I was perfectly happy with some of the older software that would fetch email just fine.

    As far as a business this has gone on too long. My boss and my brother asked me if i liked my iphone several weeks ago and I said I did (and I still do). I did not mention this problem - figuring that it would be resolved quickly. I have recently had to go back to both of them to let them know about this - since both wanted it for mobile email. Not that apple will go out of business but they lost at least 1 customer - I think my brother is going with a blackberry. I don't know if my boss has made a decision yet - he was on the fence about ATT, this could send him away.

    In a conspiracy theory sort of way this could be Apple's effect on the financial melt down. Some doomsday people were saying that one day our ATM cards would not work, etc. Maybe this is as bad as it gets.... manual mobile email fetching. If this is as bad as it gets I guess we are in good shape.

    How about the "anti distraction" people. Maybe they lobbied Apple and convinced them that not getting email would improve peoples concentration... Not getting an email notification while driving would be safer....

    OK now I am just typing to see myself type. I hope I entertained a little bit.
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    With the new App Store, I believe that Apple has a restriction on developers. Their apps are only able to execute while the phone is on, and while the app is in the foreground.

    Perhaps Apple is now following this practice themselves with the mail app. When the device is fully on, and the mail app is in the foreground, it seems to function well.

    I would strongly suggest that Apple bring back the automatic mail fetching feature when the phone is on standby on battery power. Being notified of new mail would be really cool.
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    It would be more than cool, it would be what the device is supposed to do, what we were promised, and what a lot of us depend on.

    I am very close to asking for my money back - how long do we have to wait for a fix?

    The other thing Apple could do to help people out would be to allow MobileMe to have a true alias - and not just another address. If I could forward my pop mail to Me and have it pushed to the phone, then respond from my pop account I could at least conduct my business (my blackberry 7200 could do this 4 years ago). We are PAYING them for the use of the server after all.

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    On Sunday, 9/14, two days after 2.1 was released, I reported this problem to Apple and have a case # for that report. I reported it through the web suggestion link as well, at the suggestion of the engineer I spoke with. I posted here and was among the first few in this thread. A month has passed without official confirmation and certainly no resolution.

    I wonder if the next step is that the telephone app will no longer answer while in sleep mode... think how much better battery life would be....

    Just venting a little frustration.
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    Just adding my voice.
    I was reasonably happy with the previous software revision - mail was fetched and the mail program didn't hang with 'connecting' so I thought the problems I had were solved.
    Of course this was short lived - with 2.1 there is no automatic fetch and I'm back to having to reset Mail most days when it gets stuck. Email, as well as the web, was my main reason for buying iPhone and it has just not delivered. At least I have a working machine (ie a Blackberry) for my work email.
    My faith in Apple is really wavering now........
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    I can't believe Apple still has not addressed this issue. My 90 day warranty is up at the end of the month. If there is no solution to this problem, I am going to insist that Apple extends the warranty, otherwise I'll be forced to return/exchange the phone. This is a huge feature takeaway. It was a major marketing feature for this phone, and Apple seems oblivious to this. I have been telling people for months that my next computer will be an Apple, and I will ditch PC's....... now after seeing how Apple completly ignores so many customers with this problem....... i'm not so sure.
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    I decided not to buy a Mac laptop because of my experience with Apple on this problem. I wasn't about to give them $2,000 of my hard-earned money when they can't seem to fix an iphone problem that has been around for over a month.
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    My 90 days is up November 15 and I am considering returning the phone because I need the email. Has anyone does this yet? My concern is, what does AT&T then do to my account? I signed on for two what happens if I have returned the iPhone?
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    I'm sure most people have tried this already, but holding down the home button whilst in the mail app until it quit solved all these problems on my phone (albeit I had to do it twice).
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    Doesn't fix it here.

    I think the real fix is some kind of update from the people that introduced the issue. Perhaps a kind word from them telling us what they're doing about it. Too much to expect? I kept my end of the deal by paying for the device. How about they be nice to me and at least say what they're doing and when?
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    The people that bought phones that would not fetch is one thing. They deserve to be able to return the phone if it doesent do what they wanted.

    I have had my iphone since last Christmas. I got a phone that did what I wanted and I naively upgraded the software to get whatever improvements it brought. It broke my phone! and I am well into my agreement and can't return it.... It would be like you bought a car that worked fine and then there was a recall to fix something and you had the recall work done and then the car stopped running during the day unless you pushed it!

    So here we are. Now I just want to know how to roll the software back a few revs to where it worked. How is that done? There should be a way to do that in itunes I imagine. Can anyone help?
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    They seem to have prevented us from rolling back. When you do the recovery to the old version you get an error at the end.

    Apparently if you can manage to downgrade iTunes first it may work.
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    Thanks for the response. I am sorry to hear that.

    Iphone is sliding from one of the best comunciation devics to toy status.

    I used to describe the iphone as "the device that could not do everyhting yet but what it did do it did very well". I am sorry that I can't say that anymore.

    When they fix this I hope that there is some explanation of what they were trying to do with the software that broke fetching.
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    I found a solution!! I got a T-Mobile G1 today, and I couldn't be happier! So far, instant gmail email delivery, and I haven't had a single dropped call. It ***** that I have to pay the fee for canceling my ATT contract early, but at least I have a working device!
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    I finally got an official response to this issue. Here it is verbatim:

    <Edited by Moderator>

    So, not good news at all.