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I've used iTunes for a long time through several versions and since the early versions of iTunes 7, I've been unable to select the options under the "Options" info tab. It seems like the options: Remember playback position, Skip when shuffling, and Part of a gapless album are all greyed out.

When I select multiple items and bring up the Info window on those items, in the options tab it will allow me to check the option box and select YES for these options, but it will not apply these changes to the items when I click the "OK" button.

Has anyone else had this problem? I'm suspecting that the iTunes Library XML file may be either corrupt or didn't get updated during one of the iTunes updates. Does anyone know of an audit program that can correct the xml file format of the iTunes Library?

Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I sent this as an Apple iTunes feedback. I doubt that it will do much, but who knows. Here is a better explanation of what is happening with my iTunes library.

    At some point during the upgrade to newer iTunes versions, my iTunes library no longer allows selection of any of the three options under the Options tab on the "Get Info" dialog box of a selection song. If I choose a song and control click and choose "Get Info", then on the Get Info dialog box choose the Option tab. Most all of the options are greyed out. I cannot select "Volume Adjustment", Equalizer Preset, Media Kind", or Rating. The Start Time and Stop Time are also greyed out as well as "Remember playback position", Skip when Shuffling, and Part of a gapless album.

    Because I cannot select "Skip when Shuffling", when I choose shuffle on my iTunes or iPod, my iTunes player plays Podcasts, Audiobooks and other items that I don't want played during shuffle.

    This has been the case for the last several versions and each new version never fixes this problem.