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  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    none of your prior accessories will work with it, you will have to buy everything again.

    This is not so.
    Some accessories will not work but some WILL work.

    The specs state;
    "Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter (sold separately) "

    Also, keep in mind that adapters are made to work with the iPod, not the other way around.
    But I agree, it could probably be made more clear.
  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,695 points)
    Marketing Team please take note

    See this ->
  • Smit-Dog Level 1 (0 points)
    I am considering buying my daughter her first iPod Nano (4GEN). We don't have any iPod legacy accessories that would cause backward compatibility issues regarding charging in a dock accessory.

    In addition to the iPod Nano, I'd like to buy her an iPod speaker / dock accessory so that she can play music in her room. Rather than have the unit's battery be drained while doing this, I'd like to find a docking speaker system that WILL charge her iPod Nano 4Gen. Are there any on the market yet? Or is this not even possible with the new pin configuration?

    Bottom line: Where can I find a new dock / speaker accessory that will not drain the battery on this new iPod Nano?

  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)
    There are several models out now that charge the 4th gen Nano, iPhone 3G, etc. I have the Logitech PureFi Anywhere 2 that I travel with, they also make a non-portable model with bigger speakers.
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    I too am pretty peeved by this. My hubby has bought me a 4th gen nano for christmas to replace my 2nd gen nano which has decided it no longer wants to charge on my iSwing dock or on my iTrip in the car. I am still unsure whether this was caused by me upgrading to the new iTunes or if it's a battery or other technical issue.

    Anyway aforementioned iSwing is only 10mos old and the only way I can get the iPod (either 2nd or 4th gen) to charge is if I plug it through the USB on my PC (standard cable) and as someone mentioned earlier... what's the point? I might as well just play iTunes!

    Just a Q... if I went out and bought the AC USB charger for the iPod and plugged it into the speakers with a standard USB cable do you think it would work? Think I will try it this weekend, I mean why not... my $150 speakers (which were expensive for me!) are less than useless now anyway!

    The smart thing to do would be to return my nano... but it's so shiny and pink and if I can manage to get it to somehow miraculously work, hubby can have the old one (it was our anniversary gift to each other... but he never got to use it LOL)...

    Oh and one last thing... in regards to Apple Marketing keeping mum on the whole FireWire bizzo, it ***... I bought my 4th gen nano from Big W (here in Australia.. in US I think it's like Walmart?) which are a licensed iPod reseller and the girl behind the counter when asked if the nano would work on my iSwing said yes... hmmmm... it's not a good look when the reseller even has no idea that it's a dud!

    OK rant over....
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    What are the work around options (cables, software downloads?) for getting the ipod nano 4G to charge in the Apple HiFi? I feel like we just bought the HiFi and now the Nano 4G won't charge in it. This is +incredibly I know why engraving is free - so you can't return it when it doesn't work as anticipated.
  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)
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    jamiema123 wrote:
    But i hope they will have the new firmware to fix this problem right away.

    No can do. The new charge method is hardwired in. A firmware update can't fix that.
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    Has anyone tried the scosche passport with 4th gen Nano? Do you know if it works to convert firewire charging to the current iPod charging technology?

    thank you!
  • deggie Level 9 (52,739 points)
    Used one with an iPhone 3G, 3rd Generation Nano and 4th Generation Nano. Worked in all cases.
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    "if I was close enough to a computer to charge the ipod using a USB dock, I'd just play the music through my computer!!!!!"

    You said it. This is the single most salient issue. Past iPods were sold with either a car charger or an AC charger, but by only selling the USB cord Apple is seriously limiting and manipulating their loyal customers!
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    "Also, keep in mind that adapters are made to work with the iPod, not the other way around." - Chris CA

    Of course iPods are not made for the chargers. I wouldn't expect that, but to change your way of making the iPod so that it creates so many incompatibilities without making it clear publically is irresponsible. And that "sold separately" line does not cover this snafu. That line has been used on all the past models and therefore does not explain the change that has been made in the product. If they wanted to make this shift, they should have created a whole new name because this is no longer an improvement on a past model...this is now a new product that operates quite differently!
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    Since you seem to be the one with all the answers...what is it that we should be looking for in the new chargers? What's the name of the technology that is compatible with the new it this PureFi you mentioned?
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    Thanks for posting this link. I hope everyone lets Apple know directly rather than only venting here. I just wrote my letter of resignation as an Apple customer...don't forget to send yours (at least expressing your dissapointment, if not your boycot!)
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    First off, I don't know of any iPod that was ever sold with a car charger.

    Second, Apple has not included a charger with an iPod for some time now.

    Third, Apple has not used Firewire for syncing iPods since the iPod mini, and charging by Firewire on all iPods since was normally an unstated option. Accessory makes could have gone to 5V USB charging at that time.

    Fourth, the "name" of the technology is USB 5V charging...the same method of charging the iPod when you connect the iPod to your computer. The Logitech PureFi Anywhere 2 is a portable speaker system. On their site Logitech states it is compatible with the 3rd Generation Nano (it only charges with USB also and has been out for a year), 4th Generation Nano and iPhone 3G.

    There are adapters now available to allow charging with older accessories and there will be more in the future until the market is saturated. And accessory manufacturers are already including USB 5V charging in their new products. Change in the technology world is a hassle sometimes but it is inevitable. I have a JVC HDTV that has only one DVI connector and no HDMI. To use multiple inputs I have to buy a switchbox, and I have to buy an adapter to connect my satellite box with HDMI to my DVI input TV. I could "resign" from JVC, but what is the point?