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Been trying to fix this for hours. Yesterday I upgraded my itunes, hooked up my iphone, started the firmware download and went to make something to eat. An hour later I return to find the connect to itunes screen on the iphone and itunes saying it was validating the software, I left it for an hour and it was still doing it. I disconnected and have tried to restore it 10 times since!! It will not go past the connect to itunes screen.

When attempting to restore it will do one of 2 things. The restoring iphone status bar will go all the way and just sit there for hours like that with the apple logo on the iphone and working wheel(little circle that goes aorund in the bottom of the screen). Or, the staus bar on itunes will go almost all of the way, stay like that for a bit, then i'll hear the iphone disconnect from the PC and then the connect to itunes screen will come up and itunes will say validating software, and that's it.

I tried using a diffrent username in XP which makes itunes download a new version of the software, but the same things happen. Any other ideas? I suppose I could hook up my old PC(not that old) and try that, but what a pain! Starting to get really anoyed!!

Any info or tips would be greatly appreciated! If you guys think I'm totally stuck, what is my best course of action. I bought it through AT&T, should I call them? Call apple? Goto the AT&T or Apple store? Call Apple? HELP

IPhone 3G, Windows XP