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I have an HP LaserJet 1020.

HP tell me they don't support a driver for this printer for a Mac.

Does Mac provide a driver for this printer?

a generic driver that might work?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    They're lying or you haven't installed the HP drivers. See http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/hpprinterdriver11.html for the 1.1 one and http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/application_updates/hpprinterdriver1 11.html for the one issued Thursday. In /Library/Printers/hp/laserjet/ there's a folder entitled 1020Series which should be what you're looking for.
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    Thanks for your help. I will hook the printer up tomorrow morning and try the solutions in the links you provided.

    I downloaded the HP driver updates. I am new to Mac and didn't realize I had to "install" them. I can't find the "download" folder readily, so I'll just re-work it from scratch.

    Here is the reply form HP.

    Hello Bill,

    Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

    I understand that your are trying to install the Laserjet 1020 on your mac ...this unit is not supported on the Macintosh system therefore there are no drivers available.

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    Install the drivers (downloads are where ever you set your default browser for it to be. In Safari, it's under Preferences->General->Save downloaded files to->Choose. Once they're installed, send HP a follow-up and ask them why the 1020Series laserjet stuff won't work.
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    I'm still stumped.

    I downloaded the 1.1.1 driver file and installed it. there is no driver there for the HP Laserjet 1020

    I chose "other" and went to the "library," found the 1020 folder and it does not contain any drivers that I can determine.

    Any other suggestions or sources would be welcomed.

    I can't believe this Mac will not work with that printer.

    Bill Jarrett
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    Then, you have a hosed installation. These are in mine:

    hp LaserJet Cleaning Utility.app dtd 9/12/08 and all of these dtd 11/24/07

    Boot with the install disk, reinstall the HP printer stuff and download and install the 1.1 and 1.1.1 updates.