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Lita Kaufman Level 5 Level 5
Since the upgrade to iTunes 8, my AppleTV has not be able to maintain its connection to my iTunes library. I don't sync my library - I just stream it, and up until now, that has never been a problem - but since last week, everything has gone pear shaped. While the AppleTV is appearing in the devices list in iTunes (I can check real-time using a laptop in Screen Sharing mode), unless I quit and restart iTunes, it no longer sees my iTunes library, although when I go to Computer under settings, it lists the computer and iTunes library.

Any suggestions?

2.66 ghz Mac Pro/30" & 23" CDs/17" MBP/iPhone/ATV/6G iPod, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Just too much
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    Strangely enough your problem sounds like mine, although my trouble started after ATV 2.1 software upgrade... I initially sync a few items and stream the rest from a paired library. I found that all I had to do to make it stop working since the 2.1 ATV software update was reboot the ATV or my iTunes library host computer. One way I always know that my streaming from a paired library isnt working is when I go to Computers...Settings... and the name of the Library is in gray letters instead of white.
    If this is what you are seeing, then this is why your streaming is not working. The ATV is paired to this Library, but the ATV does not see the Library.
    My work around until an update is released to address this is to just use my Library as a Shared Library. I've been doing it for a good while and the streaming has yet to stop working this way.
    Hope this helps.
  • kcjames Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. Updated apple tv to latest, worked fine. Updated itunes to latest and problem started.

    I can play a movie and about an hour or so in the link to the library breaks. The appletv is still connected to the net and I can go to itunes, youtube, whatever.

    In itunes, the apple tv is no longer listed under devices. I close down itunes, wait a minute and open it back up and the link reestablishes, but to continue watching my movie I have to fast forward through everything I already have watched, the place is not saved.

    I noticed that before the link breaks, the apple tv is dropped from devices, though the stream still works.

    Very strange.
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    I've had my AppleTV for about a year and never had any issues until iTunes 8.02. Now the connection inexplicably drops for no reason and needs a reboot of the AppleTV to reconnect, Very tedious.
    I note there's no fix posted here yet.
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    Ok I don't know if this will fix your problem but here was my problem.
    I was having random drop-outs of the connection between iTunes on iMac and AppleTV's. They would just disappear from devices list in iTunes, usually on a daily basis or if an Apple TV ever crashed and restarted, a restart of iTunes was required and fixed it every time. My iMac was originally wireless to router then wired to verizon wireless cable router. AppleTV's were always wireless.

    Well last week I noticed the iMac maintaining a wireless connection to router despite a direct ethernet connection, so I turned off the airport on the iMac, immediately upon turning Airport off all 3 AppleTV's dropped and a restart of iTunes restored them. Connection to all 3 AppleTV's have been solid for over a week now and held up through software upgrade of an AppleTV to 2.3

    Hope this helps someone.
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    I have the exact same problem. I was watching a movie streamed from iTunes and it dropped the connection ~ 5 times over 2 hours. My apple tv would maintain a wireless connection and it seemed that the problem was with iTunes. A shutdown and restart would fix the problem but this is not a realistic solution.

    The strange part is that I left it to sync a bunch of movies/tv shows overnight and it is still connected. I wonder if it only occurs during streaming.

    I hope Apple fixes this soon as it defeats the purpose of the purpose of the apple tv.
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    Hi Pocket, I'm having the same problem. Can you please tell me how you use your library as a Shared Library?


  • team83 Level 1 Level 1
    Can't connect with iTunes 8.0.2, Leopard and Apple TV 2.2.

    Can someone from Apple address this? Or at least point to a solution, somewhere?

  • John Manouselis Level 1 Level 1
    Same thing hear. I can no longer connect either of my two atv's to iTunes. It does not show up in iTunes no matter what I do. I have reset and restarted everything several times. Latest versions of Mac OS and iTunes.
  • team83 Level 1 Level 1
    Upgraded to Apple TV 2.3 software; now re-connected directly from atv to tv.
  • Dave Barron Level 1 Level 1
    My AppleTV is losing its connections to iTunes on my main computer and a secondary computer daily. It is no longer very useful, it's a really paperweight basically.

    I'm not going to buy any more Apple products, since they don't seem to work as advertised.