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XiaoMeiMei Level 1 Level 1
How can i put any images to my Ipod Nano?

Do i need to buy any additional software?

Can anyone please help me?
  • MarkJones Level 6 Level 6
    You don't have to buy additional software, but you may use Adobe PhotoShop Album or Elements if you have them.

    See page 31 of the iPod nano User Manual (link below if you don't have it).

  • XiaoMeiMei Level 1 Level 1
    Oh!.. what if i dont have those programs?

    Can i use another programme?

    aNyone know where to get a trial of these programs at least?
  • MarkJones Level 6 Level 6
    Please see my message again. You may use these programs, but you don't have to. You can just designate a photo folder in Windows. Page 31 of the manual details this nicely.
  • frederick haggerty Level 1 Level 1
    This is what I do:

    Right click on the iPod nano icon in iTunes.
    Click on the iPod options from the drop down list.
    A Window will appear with several tabs.
    Click on Photos.
    At this point it is intuitive.
    ..."Sychonize photos from"...
    You don't need any Adobe software, as you can upload
    photos from My Pictures in your My Documents folder.

    Another way to get this information is read the documentation that Apple supplies.
  • Pedro Vasquez Level 1 Level 1
    Frederick, I'm doing as you are suggesting and still not able to transfer photos from MY PICTURES folder to my nano.It acts as if it is taking the pic's because when I try a different folder it asks if I want to replace the existing photos, however, there are no pic's there. Do you have any other suggestions.
  • darragh mc guigan Level 1 Level 1
    does anyone now how to delete photos of the nano.
    please help
  • MRIS Level 1 Level 1
    to REMOVE photos from your nano, simply right-click on the nano in the iTunes source list, choose "iPod Options..." then switch to the Photos tab, then UNTICK the "synchronise my photos" checkbox. You will then be prompted "do you want to remove the photos", then click YES.