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trose007 Level 1 Level 1
Since I upgraded to Itunes 8 the videos have played horrible except if I put it in full screen mode.

That is when I plan any video that is not in full screen mode (Anything at actual size, half size, and such) it is choppy and and unwatchable. There is sound that runs smoothly but the video is skipping frame to frame. Before I upgraded all videos played smooth.

I have tried to reinstalling Itunes as well as Quicktime. The machine has 4 gig of ram and videos play well in other applications. Also the videos play fin once transferred to my Ipod (5th Gen).

I am very close to going back to Version 7.7 ore an equivalent. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Windows XP, 4 gig ram
  • mike1234567 Level 1 Level 1
    Why doesn't Apple fix this major bug? I can't watch any podcasts on my computer since 'upgrading' to the POS itunes 8. Choppy video, and the fixes I have found so far are no help. Absolutely no way to uninstall and roll back to a previous version either. What crap. DO NOT UPGRADE (although if you are reading this you probably have already, my condolences)
  • Clayton King Level 1 Level 1
    I have been using iTunes from v6 on Windows xpsp2. Video has never been good on playback. Now having upgraded to iTunes8, it's worse. Doesn't matter if I play from within iTunes, use QT directly, etc., always lowsy...

    I've read a few other posts on various forums across the web... disabled 3D acceleration in QT, downloaded codecs, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Made the HUGE mistake of "renting" a movie from iTunes but was never able to watch it since you can't move rented movies to your iPod - only watch from your computer(which is hopeless).

    If anyone has a suggestion, I'd LOVE to hear it.
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    You CAN watch rentals on your iPod, if it's the correct model iPod.

    Click on the link in the article, and a page will open with all the movie rental FAQs.
  • GeorgiaPat Level 1 Level 1
    I'm new to iTunes altogether (May 2008), so the only version I've used is iTunes 8. I have Windows XP, and can download and view full feature movies flawlessly with Windows Media. The music videos on iTunes are maddening with the sound slightly out of sync with the picture. I don't mind the jerky playback, because the color and clarity is exceptional, but it's almost impossible to watch and listen at the same time. It's such a disappointment. I'll keep checking back to find out if anyone has any real solutions (besides what's in the "help" section). Still hoping to enjoy my video downloads one day...
  • Elise Springer Level 1 Level 1
    Somehow this thread has been tagged "answered" -- but as of Nov 12, it is decidedly NOT resolved, at least not in this thread.

    I too, have had un-watchably choppy, halting, stop-and-start seized-up video (TV shows, especially) on my iMac (10.4.11) since upgrading to iTunes 8 -- before that it was fine. The audio usually goes forward, while the frame is frozen. Hitting space bar twice to pause-play sometimes helps, sometimes not.

    My RAM is not being taxed, according to Activity Monitor. CPU sometimes does seem to be peaking, but why? This happens even when I clear away extraneous processes...
  • docjeff Level 1 Level 1
    Definitely not Answered yet..
  • RickP Level 1 Level 1
    Anyone from Apple realize the loss of revenue by not fixing this problem?

    Is there any way to go back to the older version with out losing all of the videos?
  • Elise Springer Level 1 Level 1
    OK, I've managed to nix the problem, but I was not patient enough to try only one thing at a time. I did the following:

    * Trashed iTunes preferences
    * Added more RAM (even though the problems did not seem to be RAM-related)
    * Ran a Software Update batch that included something related to Front Row (though I avoid Front Row and clench my fist every time I accidently invoke it).
    * Changed two preferences under "playback", including "Play TV shows using Standard Definition version" and Play movies and TV shows "Full Screen" (as opposed to "Full Screen With Visuals" -- I have no idea what that means).

    My problem with video is now gone: no more pauses, gaps, freezes, or hiccups (or, at least they're minor enough and rare enough not to annoy). Maybe some of you all will be able to isolate the factors better than I.
  • timc166293 Level 1 Level 1
    same problem here on xp