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I have been trying to back up my ipod, but every time I select backup the ipod displays "Sync in Progress" and in iTunes, it says backing up ipod. Then, the screen on my ipod goes back to the regular lock screen, and itunes displays a message stating "iTunes could not back up the iPod "(myusername)" because the ipod disconnected. Has anyone else had this problem, and has anyone fixed it? The ipod is a freshly restored and upgraded (to 2.1) ipod touch (8gb, if that matters). I am running windows, and all other fetures of the ipod seem to be working very well, it is just the backing up that is causing problems.

Hope someone can help,

Home Built: Asus M3A Motherboard, AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core 2.2 ghz, 4gb Ram, 500gb SATA HDD, Nvidia 8800gt (512mb), Win Xp Pro SP2/Ubuntu 8.04, Windows XP Pro, iPod Touch 8gb