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I just upgraded to 10.5.5. For several weeks I have been syncing my calendar with a Google Calendar using their (new) CalDAV support. This has been working very very well.

After I upgraded some of my calendar events shifted 4 hours in iCal. On examination it was all of the events that show as "Floating" time zone and the ones that are "US/Eastern" are still at their right times. Looking at the Google version of the calendar everything is fine.

Further the answer "give everything a TZ" will not work for me as lots of people put entries on my Google calendar and I can't force them all to assign a time zone. And it will be a big pain (after it has been working) to go back to doing all the double checking by hand.

Again, this is new behavior since the upgrade to 10.5.5

Anyone else seeing this or know how to address it?

-- Steven

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.4), really 10.5.5, but that is not an option yet.