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I have a home network with an IP camera. When I'm on my home wi-fi network, I can access and view my IP camera on my iphone. I have a linksys router and IP camera. When I switch over to 3G, I can no longer log into any IP addresses. The iphone (safari) just times out and I get a message saying it could not connect. Does anyone know why? I'm also pretty sure I can't access my IP camera through any other wi-fi connection...only from home.

Gateway PC, Windows Vista
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    Just to be totally clear as to what I'm trying to do:

    I want to view my IP camera from my iphone while on 3G. I have a linksys IP camera. Currently, I can view the camera on my iphone while I'm at home and running on my home wi-fi network. However, as soon as I switch to 3G, I'm unable to access the IP camera. What IP address do I need to enter in Safari? The IP camera's, the routers, the PC? Is there an IP address I'm totally missing? I'm new at this stuff. Thanks.
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    Try use NAT Port Mapping on the router. The camera uses a certain port. You forward that port on the router, and enter IPADDRESS:PORTNUMBER as the address. It works for me on multiple devices.


    Forgot to say. The IP camera needs a static IP. Set the IP for the port mapping destination to that of the static IP of the camera.

    In IPADDRESS:PORTNUMBER, IPADDRESS is your PUBLIC IP address. I suggest using a DDNS service to keep it updated.

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    Question on your question.
    So with this camera can you video or is it just still images. Video would be cool.