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I was helping a co-worker sync their 3G iPhone to my company's Microsoft Exchange 2004 server so she can receive company emails. Everything was setup fine and verified. Later in the day, I get a call saying she can't log into her Mac, which is on our network. I checked Active Directory and noticed that her account was locked, so I unlocked it. A few minutes later, she called again with the same issue. This problem persisted a few more times within a 30 minute window.

We finally decided to delete her company email account off the phone and was no longer was locked out of her machine. My question is why would adding her company email account on her iPhone lock up her account on our network and cease right after we removed the account?

Macbook Pro - 2.4Ghz, 2Gbs of RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 3G iPhone - 2.1 Version
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    Exchange email accounts use Active Directory user account credentials. If the Exchange user account password you entered in the iPhone was either entered incorrectly or subsequently changed by someone, then when the email application trys to authenticate to the Exchange server through AD, the account will get locked after the account lockout policy requirements are met.

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    I've actually had the same problem here. I work at a university, and oddly enough this problem has only happened on one phone out of about 20-30 that we've set up.

    The username and password is correct on the iPhone, because after it's unlocked it will then connect and download emails and calendar entries as normal.

    It seems to lock the account at random, but occasionally it will lock the account again and again back to back.

    Anyone with any advice, I'm happy to hear. I'm on hold with Apple's iPhone support now.
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    I'm having the same problem with two iPhone users on my network.

    Has anyone found a solution?
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    I'm having the same problem. I have change mail to POP back to exchange, from push (15min to 1 hr) to Fetch, Fetch to manual, and SSL on to off. The funny thing is that this wan't not a problem until I change my network password. It connected fine previously without any locking of the email account.

    I'm not changing my password at all during all of this and after the SA unlocks my account (done about 30 times over 2 weeks now) it connects and pulls down mail right away.

    Is there a setting on the exchannge server that can help debug this?

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    What I have noticed recently is that when I have stop syncing my calendar and contact the locking has stopped happening. I noticed that my cal appts were not getting updated and when I stopped the syncing and started syncing again I got all my meetings on my phone.

    I'm not sure if someone might have fixed/changes something on the exchange server side but I think this might be the fix to the problem... so far.