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    Welcome to Apple Discussions Scape1,
    Sounds like your game hasn't been tested with 10.5.5, or there is a memory issue with your machine. Please start a new topic thread here:

    where you'll get a wider audience and it won't confuse the original poster with solutions that don't apply to them.
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    Updates on what otherwise are generally supported machines should not cause such issues

    Perhaps, but there are a couple other threads mentioning this problem, I don't think we need another. Again, I have only had this occur once and it looked just like D. Trip described. Another thread indicated a possible problem with 10.5.5 and ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro (that is the card I am using)
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    It has been my experience in the 7 years of contributing to this board, that the vast majority of problems like these are hardware related, and/or improper migration from a previous machine, or improper installation using another machine as a target disk mode connection.

    People using utilities such as Macaroni, Applejack, Onyx, may also see such issues, because the cache files which affect the kernel can become corrupted when not doing the cache cleanup at the appropriate time, with an appropriate backup.

    RAM itself is so flakey as to become damaged and undetectable as such, that issues get fixed when replacing with new RAM that fits specs exactly.

    Games can ask for a slightly different video card, and send a video card or chip into the deep end trying to draw the system after the games are quit and fixed after the next reboot. Reading the specs of such software, and following those specs exactly can usually prevent such issues.

    As long as a video card is one supplied by Apple, and within the specs of the operating system Apple provides, it is logical to assume that Apple has tested that configuration before publishing the operating system in question. I do suggest that if you find a configuration that does not appear to work, and have eliminated it to a simple erase and install, and application of a software update and no third party peripherals, and no hardware test issues detected, and no third party RAM, to at least give Apple feedback here:

    if not by calling AppleCare directly and getting a case number.

    This being a user to user forum, we can only guess and troubleshoot what is going on. Given the multiple causes, if you want your issue troubleshooted, it is best to start your own topic thread saying what you have tried. You'll get a wider audience, and won't confuse the original poster with solutions that don't apply to them.

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    I get the exact same scrambled background as other people on this board. It get wiped away when I open a new window over it. This happened right after I updated to 10.5.5. I don't play games I never did any migration or use any of the third party software mentioned you seem to think is causing the problem. Since other people have mentioned the same thing from the 10.5.5 update then I am convinced that the update is doing this. how do I fix this?
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Please start a new topic thread as earlier indicated.
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    Jumping in because the issue is addressed in and was discovered while beta-testing the update. All I can suggest is submitting bug reports.
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    Brody, my comments were 100% accurate. I do not need to repeat them. As I have seen the issue first hand, I have a better idea than you as to the cause.

    The solution is to downgrade to 10.5.4 until the driver for the ati 2600 is revised again. If you or anyone at apple need further advice feel free to contact me.

    Andrew Beavis
    Mac Guru Consulting
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    I concur, as noted in my previous post. The problem doesn't exist in 10.5.4 to 10;5.2 (which is what shipped with the iMac I have).
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    Welcome yourself to Apple Discussions!

    Do you even read a post before you reply with "it's a hardware problem" and/or "start a new thread"? I'm sorry but you are NOT being helpful to anyone when you behave like that. Obviously this is not a hardware issue. If you can't do better job than that then just keep out of it. Don't be a shady auto mechanic by throwing useless suggestions at us when you obviously don't even understand what the original complaint is.

    The title of the original post was very clearly "10.5.5 video issues" which is what many of us are being aggravated with, it has several variant symptoms that are manifesting for different people but the problem is very much a system upgrade issue. That's not to say "Hey, Apple screwed something up!!", no it's just saying that THE UPGRADE caused this poor behavior and we'd like to find out if there is anything we can do about it - if anyone has any helpful advice and/or something that has been shown to help please let us all know so we can get back into Happy-Mac-Land.

    My particular "10.5.5 video issue" is the same as Scape1's. The only symptom that I have encountered so far is in the much enjoyable game Battlestations Midway which SINCE THE UPGRADE now hangs at the first drawing of the game-mode screen. I have verified that when switch back to 10.5.4 the problem does not exist however I am loth to be content to run the previous version and wait for an update of either the game software or the system software to fix it.

    Try to be helpful or stay quiet. Touche!
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    Thanx MisterMann. that are the right words.

    Please follow me here

    Thx...and have a good game in 10.5.4
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    Same Issue to my Imac Aluminium 20 graphics card HD2600 pro.
    At startup scramble video like failure graphics card, the same at shoutdown.
    I try to resolve with driver nof 10.5.4, the result i have to restore time macchine backup to 10.5.4 i'm very angry oh this.
    I'm apple user from many years, never appen some like this.
    I think Apple now are more interested sell product instead make good product.
    I'm very disappointed, i think it's time to return microsoft OS, in this moment ther's no difference with this....
  • Glen Carpenter Level 1 (15 points)
    iMac (24-inch Mid 2007)

    Installed 10.5.5

    Upon reboot, graphics were garbled.

    Restored from Time Machine to 10.5.4, graphics appeared normal.

    Rebooted from installation DVD, Erase and Install, ran Software Updates before installing any applications and brought system back to 10.5.5.

    Reboot, graphics were garbled.

    Restored from Time Machine backup, graphic appeared normal.

    This is a 10.5.5 issue.

    I am an AASP, I repair these things for a living, this is caused by 10.5.5.
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    Am experiencing the same issue across all four machines here. After update from 10.5.4 to 10.5.5 the video load gets screwed. If i restart the desktop appears, the icons are fine, however the desktop environment is rooted - it looks like it would if the video card is stuffed.

    All machines we have here, iMac 08, MacPro 08, etc exhibit the same issue. If you create a new window and drag it around, it fixes the issue, if you perform a restart it corrupts the video prior to restart, and video fails on restart.

    Definite re-release of this software update is required, and certainly isn't the hardware failure like many have suggested.
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    File a bug report as explained in my first post to
  • samoir Level 1 (0 points)
    thanks for the link, will do.

    I have found a fix to the issue which seemed to work, whilst i was looking for logged errors.

    Open Utilities > Console (to see if you are getting any errors or panics)
    (left menu)(top)All messages
    then go to
    System Preferences > Displays. (enable/tick "Show displays in menu bar").
    Change the screen resolution for say 800x600, then back to the native resolution you;ve been using. Do this a few times dump the corrupt settings.
    Found that restarting and starting up, it fixed the video corruption.

    However, it seems there is still an underlying issue as the Console is outputting issues with :

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Con trast.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Contrast and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Geo metry.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Geometry. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Geo metry.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Geometry.

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Geo metry.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Geometry and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/VPT .monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/VPT. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/VPT .monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/VPT.

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/VPT .monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/VPT and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Bez el.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Bezel. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Bez el.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Bezel.

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Bez el.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Bezel and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Ext endedTouchSwitch.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/ExtendedTouchSwitch. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Ext endedTouchSwitch.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/ExtendedTouchSwitch.
    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Ext endedTouchSwitch.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/ExtendedTouchSwitch and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Pow erMode.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/PowerMode. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Pow erMode.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/PowerMode.

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Pow erMode.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/PowerMode and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Aut horization.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Authorization. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Aut horization.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Authorization.

    20/09/08 8:27:12 AM [0x0-0x15015][124] objc[124]: Class O3Panel is implemented in both /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/Aut horization.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/Authorization and /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/TVO ptions.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/TVOptions. Using implementation from /System/Library/MonitorPanels/AppleDisplay.monitorPanels/Contents/Resources/TVO ptions.monitorPanel/Contents/MacOS/TVOptions.

    Which is the next thing i want to look at.
    In the mean time the above seemed to fix the immediate screen issue.