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    Can't help with your sleuthing. I have nothing in any logs WRT MonitorPanels. But, again, I only run into the graphics issue when relaunching the Finder.
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    A solution has been found at least in one case:
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    Hi all,

    Would like to confirm, I now have 2x MacPro 2.3x8s that are exhibiting intermittent video corruption after the 10.5.5 update. My users are working around now... I was about to send one off for hardware tests, but another started doing it today.

    I manage 100+ Macs with Radmind, which makes it easy for me to roll back to 10.5.4. I will test further and keep you posted.

    Please don't bother putting in your 2 cents A Brody.
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    Ummm...I do read. I also know from my experience in Apple Discussions:

    1. If a user doesn't get their question answered, and another posts a similar question, it is practically impossible to get the problem isolated to its cause, because there you are troubleshooting two or more separate issues in the same thread.

    2. Terms of use specifically forbid "threadjacking." Please read them on the right. Also please read when it says not to "rant". Essentially, if you try to add a "me too", you are threadjacking. Instead of "me too"ing try to resolve what is going on.

    Upgrade Now would not hang over the screen if you shut down the automatic software update option in Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Software Update. I leave that off always, and check for software updates only when no other applications are running.

    If you read the details of each update they tell you to shut down all other applications.

    I'm sorry MisterMann, but starting a new thread is essential to isolating the issue you are having. Multiple things can cause these issues.
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    For sure it isn't a videocardissue but it is caused by update 10.5.5. I have the same problem. And as well with the command shutting down now! Bad job of Apple's engeneers!!!! Not well tested on the most common models.
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    My investigations have come to the following conclusions.

    It doesn't affect all Macs.

    Of 4x identical Mac Pros at my local site, it has affected only 2 of them.

    Of those two, one has displayed the corrupt video only once (these Macs are run all day with a designer in front of them), and this was resolved but a reboot.

    The second Mac Pro exhibits the issue much more frequently, the corruption can be removed by moving another App window over the area. It comes back quite quickly though as the designer works. In both cases, it only affected one of the displays attached the Mac, but on different video ports on the card in each case.

    The problem has ONLY has occurred since rolling out the 10.5.5 update.

    I am yet to hear of any other issues from our other sites (running the same Radmind system). We only have 6x leopard Macs at this site. The other sites are running the prior generation Mac Pros with leopard. My test Mac Pro (2nd gen) was unaffected during my testing of the 10.5.5 package.

    AND... rolling back (via Radmind) to 10.5.4 on the Mac that was badly affected completely removed the issue!!

    And so, it doesn't affect all Macs (not even Macs of identical config and model!), but it definitely is related to the 10.5.5 update. It does exhibit the kind of display corruption you would expect from bad hardware (I have maintained apple certifications for 9 yrs, until recently).

    I will be submitting a bug report to Apple, but in the mean time I would say downgrade to 10.5.4 until it is patched.

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    I can't remember where I read one post (maybe in this one) where you change the desktop picture/wallpaper. The actual garbled desktop problem didn't appear to be causing any other issues but was annoying that I had to 'wipe' away the mess each time I booted up.
    Anyway - worth a shot I thought. I did so and restarted and the problem appeared to go away but then appeared to lose a load of icons as if it couldn't refresh the desktop. I changed back to my randomly changing desktop wallpaper and restarted agin. So far so good : )
    Perhaps it needs 2 restarts? Anyway... it has worked for me and so far no garbled screen.
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    Tut! The issue has resurfaced after 3 days. But a toggle of the desktop background seems to clear the garble on the screen.
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    Same problem here. 6 month old iMac (27", RadeonHD2600). Immediately after upgrading to 10.5.5, I get a bad screen (looks like a video card going out). Moving a window around the screen clears it up.
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    See for more on this and some possible solutions.
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    I've had this happen when upgrading to OS 10.5.5 I noticed that the background wallpaper gets distorted during login or logout of the computer. I usually have 2 accounts setup for my customers at the University. I switched to the other account and found that this was not happening. I then suspected that it was a corrupted preference file or cache file so I moved the Library/Preferences folder out and moved some files from Caches folder but that didn't help. Very frustrating...

    I then noticed that the distortion seemed related to all the files and folders on the user's desktop because they would periodically blink and load very slowly. I then remembered that the other account had no files and folders on the desktop. I proceeded to move all the files and folders into a temporary folder at the root of the user's home directory. I then logged out and in and found that this helped solve my problem. I put the files and folders back onto the desktop and the distortion did not return. I suspect that this is a bug with the newest 10.5.5 update and not a hardware/video problem as I had first suspected. Let me know if this fixes the problem for others in the forum.
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    That did it for me - cleaned my desktop and problem is gone. Weird !

    // D
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    Simply incredible that Apple do mot have already Fix IT.
    In Italy ther's many many user with the same problem like me....
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    Fortunately for me I never believed in advertsing apple
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    Would make sense that the bug is related to windowserver load then?