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I have a 2 week old 2.8ghz 24" imac with 4gb and use it sometimes through ethernet and sometimes wireless....I am wondering where I can find the internet speed (in windows the connection speed is mention at the right bottom corner).
I find the speed very slow with the mac while my windows pc still runs much faster although 2gb and only 2.2ghz....any ideas anyone where the speed info is?
Thank you

2.8 Ghz imac 24" 4Gb, Mac OS X (10.5.4), completely new mac user
  • Ahsan Level 3 (690 points)
    The internet speed that you see in windows are the theoretical maximum value not the actual one. Go to http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ and click on a nearest server to see your download and upload speed. These are close to your actual download and upload speed.
    You can go to Network Preferences, choose Ethernet or Airport, click the 'Advanced' button and then the 'Ethernet' tab to see the theoretical speed as well.
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    Thank you for solving this question...and although I live in another country than US...speedtest is also in my country and it worked!!
    at the ehternet tab in network preferences the answer is 100baseTX which means nothing to me
    I still think however that the mac is slow with internet unfortunately. Many sites I have to wait to get connection...something I don't experience with the same connection (even the same ethernet cable) when I plug it into the windows pc...strange
    But thanks again for answering the question!!