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Hi everyone, I'm really new to the MAC world as I purchased a new Imac about a month ago, and purchased the 40GB Apple TV last week. My problem is that I have my Apple TV connected to my wireless network (I can view movie trailers successfully), but the Apple TV won't show up in iTunes. The main reason i bought the thing was so that I could stream my music library on my computer over to my TV, but I cant get it to work.

I have noticed that I can select "airspeaker" or something like that in the bottom right hand corner of itunes, and the music will play at my TV, but I'd like to be able to browse my library while sitting at my tv. I've tried just about all the trouble shooting stuff from the apple support site, but had no luck.


IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Have you gone on the Apple TV to Settings...Computers...?

    From there you select to either connect to a shared library or to pair with a library. If you do the pair option, a code appears on your tv screen and then you enter the code in iTunes when the Apple TV appears in the device list.

    The apple tv won't appear in the device list until you put it in pairing mode.
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    i have tried that...

    Settings, computers, Pair. then walk back to my office, open up Itunes, preferences, apple TV, and there is nothing in the list...

    any other ideas?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Not sure how iTunes works for Macs..but in Windows world....

    Step 1, make sure preferences in iTunes (forget the tab) is set to "Look for AppleTVs" (or something similar)...just a checkbox.

    Then go to TV (AppleTV) and do what you did to get the code.

    Then go back to computer and don't open preferences (like your post said you did) but look in the branches on the left pane...under devices you should see the AppleTV sitting there. Click on it. It will then prompt for the code in the right pane.
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    yeah the apple tv should show up where ipods show up in the device list.
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    And don't forget to leave the pass code on the tv screen while you look for the tv in itunes.

    I've got the feeling though that the OP might have tried this and is more likely suffering a connection issue, which could be as a result of network settings, firewall settings or complications from other 3rd party software such as security applications, file sharing applications and the like.

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    I've been looking for the Apple TV to show up in the list under preferances-> apple TV, but from what I'm reading, it should just show up where my ipod would show up. Maybe it was there, and I didn't even notice. I'll check that this evening.

    As far as connections, firewall, etc... I think I'm good there. Both my iMAC and Apple TV connect to my wireless network corectly with strong signals. I'm not running any firewall, that I know of, and the computer is brand new, so there is no 3rd party software.

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    You are probably best having a look as you say this evening.

    But just to point out that you can still have both devices connected to a network and there can be multiple reasons why they might not connect to each other, the complications I refer to won't so much interfere with network activity as a whole, but rather individual aspects of it such as the ports specific to itunes or indeed its sharing protocols.

    By way of an example itunes uses ports 3689, AFP uses port 458, so something that interferes with port 3689 may stop itunes sharing properly, but would have no impact on general file sharing between macs at the finder level.
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    i appreciate that insite. I'll be trying again tonight to get it to work, and if you're still online I may post here with some questions. I'm definitely a novice when it comes to networking.

    thanks again.
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    As long as your home network isnt overly complex you should be ok. The good news is that the ATV has some level of connectivity since you state that you can stream to it as remote speakers and the ATV can access the movie trailers.

    Good luck!
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    I just finished setting this up at my house, and this issue did throw me.

    When trying to authorize my iTunes collections with Apple TV, the Apple TV would not show up in the device list using iTunes Preferences, BUT it DID show up in the DEVICES list in the main iTunes application window on left sidebar (where LIBRARY, etc... is listed). Weird. So the short list of what I did, that worked....

    -- On Apple TV, Computers, Add iTunes library.
    -- The pass code to connect to Apple TV will be displayed, leave it displayed.
    -- Open iTunes on your computer. The Apple TV will not show up if you use the iTunes preferences window to configure, but it WILL show up in the iTunes application window on left sidebar.
    -- Click this device in the iTunes left sidebar to configure, and enter pass code that was displayed on your Apple TV, presto.