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Can iTunes 8 on one system, sync and backup multiple iPhones?


G5, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7
    Certainly. iTunes will keep them separate by name, and you can select different playlists, calendars, etc., to sync to each phone, if you like.

    I have 2 iPhone 3Gs and an iPod Touch all syncing to the same iTunes. One advantage there is you only have to purchase apps once, and they can be used with all the devices using that account.
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    Thats great. Tnx
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    Can you provide some details on how you set this up? I have been tinkering and currently have an account for me on our iMac and an account for my wife. My original thought was I needed to sync my iphone when I was logged on and she would need to sync hers when she was logged on. But I want to be able to buy songs, movies, etc on itunes once and be able to sync to one or both iphones. Also want to be able to have our own contacts but also share common ones. Also would like to be able to each have our own calendar, but share appointments/events that are common, so we only have to type them in once. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Is any of this documented in an iTunes/iPhone advanced user manual? Thanks for any help. best wishes.
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    Just sync them both. No special instructions needed. Although you might want to name them differently, but even that is not really necessary. It keeps them separate due to their respective hardware (mac) address. Unique playlists are handled as are all preferences. The only time you might want to sync them under different computer accounts is if you had entirely different music/app libraries and did not want to share anything. Generally not a problem for most h/w pairs
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    The main thing to do is set up Address Book Groups and iCal Calendars. You can have contacts groups such as Ours, His, and Hers, and similar calendars. In iTunes, you would check the boxes to sync your phone with Ours + His, and her phone with Ours + Hers. You can take the same approach with playlists.