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Trisha Foster Level 1 (10 points)
My iTunes doesn't automatically recognize my iPod Touch at start up when I hook up the charger to my iPod Touch to sync to the iTunes, I have to manually click and start iTunes so that my iPod Touch can start and sync to the iTunes, after I get my iPod Touch to sync to my iTunes it is fine just at start up there is no recognition. How do I get the ITunes to automatically start up when I hook up my iPod Touch to the Charger?
Problem 2:
in iTunes under devices where my iPod Touch is located and I have my iPod Touch selected and choose the summary Tab and at the very bottom where it shows the capacity and then next to it is the Sync and eject button, right now and for a little the eject button isn't showing up just the sync button, the eject button is complelty not there at all, why is this? is it Possible to get the eject button to show up again?
Does anyone have any solutionsto help me?
Trisha Foster

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