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Something is f-ed up with my voicemail. Callers get a message that there is no voice mail box set up for the phone, and when I try to get in and set either the default or my custom setting I get an error message saying "unable to connect, try again later."

But I'm able to connect to get email, online, etc.

Anybody deal with this and have a fix?


iBook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Well that's no fun. It sounds like you simply need to call AT&T customer service and ask them to fix your voice mail. But here is something you can check on.

    First use the phone dial pad and dial: \#61 <call>
    You should see:
    "Seeing Interrogation Succeeded Voice Call Forwarding When Unanswered Forwards to +1########## Enabled"
    Where the ###'s are should be your voice mail deposit number.
    If you don't, then your phone is not forwarding missed calls to voice mail. Call CS.

    Now call that phone number from a normal phone.
    When you hear "AT&T voice mail, we need more information" Dial:
    Then your phone number (at the prompt)
    Then your VM password (at the prompt)

    If you can't get in to your VM box, call CS.
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    I had this same issue when I first got my phone. Call ATT and they had be do a reset by holding power and home button till phone went off. Restarted and all was well.