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I just got the 3G iPhone last night, replaced my original iPhone... no problems with the phone so far, except the fact that the cable and adapter that i have in my truck to my stock headunit will play my music and display the song info on the radio, but it will not charge the phone. When i plugged in my old iPhone, it would come up on the phone and say that the accessory was not made for the iPhone do i want to turn on Airplane mode, but it would play the music and charge... that was using firmware 1.1.4... now with the new 3G iPhone using 2.1 firmware, it comes up and says the same message but right above it, says this accessory will not charge the iPhone... If it could charge the first, why not the second? is this just a firmware issue? any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The first generation iPhone could be charged through the Firewire pin, and your car charger was using this shortcut. The iPhone 3G does not charge via Firewire along with the 4th Generation Nano, 2nd Generation Classic, 2nd Generation Touch. It is not a firmware issue.
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    oh well thats pretty depressing... is there ANYTHING i can do to get this to charge in my truck with the hardware i have now, i really didn't want to just plug it in with the headphone jack to my stereo (because i can't control it from the radio and have the song info show) and have to plug in a power cable with a power inverter to charge it, thats too many cables... i read something about the power was changed to charge it and that it MAY be possible to tap something into a wire to bump up the power, but i'm not sure how true that is..