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Hi folks:
We have set up our Leopard box (happens to be server) to mount certain NFS shares offered by another machine. Ie: We have various plist files in

What's the recommended way to unmount and remount such mounts? I've tried
automount -vc
... and this doesn't appear to do anything.
FWIW, we are in a situation where, after some weeks of correct operation, these mounts seem to be mounted, but attempting any operation on them (such as ls) gives us "Operation not permitted".


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  • Mike Mackovitch Level 1 (100 points)
    First, are you sure they are mounted?
    Do they show up in the output of "mount -t nfs"?
    (Sometimes people see the autofs mount point/trigger and
    think the NFS file system is already mounted.)

    Next, do you see any network activity between the client
    and server when you try to access it? (I'd suggest using
    wireshark to see what's happening on wire.)

    Also, is there anything related to NFS/autofs/automount in

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    Did you have any luck solving this problem? I've got the same issue. There's another server box here NOT experiencing the same problem. I think it might have to do with using an "Advanced" server install since our other server did a "Standard" installation.
  • gwideman Level 1 (0 points)
    In response to the last couple of questions:

    Turns out it was more and less complicated than that. We do have the plist entries, but I had forgotten that we hadn't ever got those working properly, and had instead resorted to using launchd to run a bash script that mounted those external NFS shares using the mount command.
    Turns out that re-running that script seemed to work to remount them. Ie: no unmount necessary. That seems flaky to me, as does the whole thing.

    In the big picture, the continuing trail of problems with OS-X server (numerous of which posted by me on this forum), and particularly the totally botched job that the 10.3.9 to 10.5 upgrade left behind (much not posted, but a huge time-sink), has been moved aside by retiring our XServer altogether and going with a linux server for which sys admins with experience and google references to issues, with answers, can usually be found. Time to move on.

    -- Graham