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I am trying to burn a DVD in iDVD and the movie files import fine, and everything works until I go to burn. It processes the menu fine, and when it goes to process the movie files, it comes up with an error message saying "Error during movie encoding." The only option is to click OK. I have tried 3 times on one computer and once more on a different computer. Both computers are new iMac's with Intel Core 2 Duo processors running at 2Ghz, and both with 2GB of RAM. Please help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Intel Core 2 Duo 2GhZ, 2GB Ram
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    have you looked in map view for any warning signs?

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    There are no warning signs, everything is fine until I go to burn.
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    tell us about the source footage of this video you used in iDvd which fails to encode properly. is it from a minidv camcorder imported via firewire or is it something else?
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    It is a movie made in iMovie '08 and exported as a QuickTime movie.
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    how was it brought into iDvd'08 exactly?
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    I Dragged and Dropped the M4V file from the Finder to iDVD.
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    ok. I suspect you'll need mpegstreamclip or visual hub to convert to .dv first



    I'm fairly certain F Shippey would recommend Visual Hub over mpegstreamclip



    Btw ... Here's what the Help Menu in iDvd'08 states:

    Video and image formats that work with iDVD

    You can use these movie and graphic formats in iDVD:

    Most video or image files supported by QuickTime (see the list of unsupported QuickTime formats below)

    16:9 widescreen formats

    AAC, MP3, and AIFF audio files

    Any format from iMovie: DV, high-definition video (HDV), MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-2 SD, MPEG-4 SD, MPEG-4 HD, and AVCHD

    High definition video is converted to work with the format of your project. iDVD supports using 16:9 widescreen video; therefore, when your DVD plays on a DVD player that supports widescreen format, the footage appears in its original aspect ratio.

    The following video and image formats are not supported in iDVD:

    Copyrighted or protected videos.

    Movies saved in thousands of colors using the “none” compression setting in iMovie.

    48-bit color images (16 bits per color). To use source files in one of these formats in iDVD, save them in a supported format.

    Aurora uncompressed files. For best results, export Aurora clips as DV-format video before importing them into iDVD.

    QuickTime VR, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, Flash, streaming or encrypted movies, or QuickTime spanned movies. You can’t add MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 files to an iDVD project because they don’t contain standard video tracks.

    QuickTime Fast Start movies. (Fast Start movies are intended for Internet playback.) When saving a QuickTime movie for use with iDVD, click the Options button in the QuickTime Export dialog and make sure that the “Prepare for Internet Streaming” checkbox is not selected.

    NOTE: You can add any type of file to the DVD-ROM portion of your DVD so that viewers can copy the file to a computer. Viewers can access these files only when viewing the DVD in a computer, not a DVD player connected to a TV.


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    It is a mpeg4 standard definition quicktime movie file - google it