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Hi everyone,

maybe some of you have already bought the iPhone 3G in Greece and can confirm if it is locked to the carrier or not? According to this list: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1937 the iPhones in Greece shouldn't be locked.
But I have visited one of the Vodafone Retail Stores in Rhodes, Rhodes island, and I was told by a sales manager that I will be able to put all the SIM cards (it's not locked), but only the voice and SMS features will be working. If I would like to use data services (like internet, youtube, mail etc.) it won't work with other carriers, except Vodafone Greece. Is it true?? But it's nonsense! How come they can lock only data services?
It's kind of risky to pay 569 EUR for iPhone and check by myself if it's working or not.

Thanks for your fast reply, because I'm not staying in Greece for long.. :((


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  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7
    Data services will work with other carriers once you insert the other carrier's SIM card. The only feature unavailable will be visual voicemail.
  • godema Level 1 Level 1
    Have you bought it and test it?
    I'm completely lost, because vodafone people were convincing me for half an hour that data services won't work with my SIM card. Why would they do that, why would they lie? :/
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    Maybe Vodafone means they are the only Greek carrier that has 3G on their network.
  • Alexander Krebs Level 1 Level 1
    my iPhone is from the czech republik. And it is also SIM and Net Lock free.
    I can put in all SIM Cards on the world and I can also use mobile internet.
    You just have to type in the APN Settings from your carrier.

    Have fun.
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    Was in Greece (Lamia) over the weekend just gone and was using an OTE SIM with no problems.
  • godema Level 1 Level 1
    Unfortunately, all of the operators have 3G services.
    But I was so surprised that they even couldn't let to put my foreign SIM card into their test phone. It looks that they don't understanding anything about the phones at all. So that is why I'm so confused right now and I don't know if I can trust them or just to buy the phone.

    So far we have opinions from usa, canada, germany and uk only, which I of course appreciate very much. Thank you guys!

    But it would be the best if someone from Greece answered this question.. still waiting.. thanks!!
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    geia sou godema,

    I bought the iPhone in Greece, and I was wondering the same. When I went to the Vodafone.gr site, the FAQ section said that they can't "guarantee" that the data services will work with other carriers. By that, it appears to me that they mean WAP services, and whether or not the internet works on GPRS (or 3G) with all carriers, considering that the carrier must supply you with settings to use data services. I used my old COSMOTE SIM for a couple days (because I couldn't get the Vodafone SIM activated right away), and I used my wireless ADSL (i.e., OTEnet) at home just fine. Therefore, I don't think that your sales manager really understood the situation - internet may NOT work depending on what your carrier settings are, but nothing here is locked intentionally (as is the law).

    In any case, if you stick another SIM in the iPhone, you can still use Wi-Fi to access internet, youtube, and mail with which you are concerned.

    Hope this answer came to you in time to make your purchase in Greece.
  • godema Level 1 Level 1

    thanks a lot for the answer. I'm not in Greece anymore, unfortunately.
    But you didn't test the GPRS/3G feature with other carriers. This is exactly what is supposed to be locked, according to sales manager in Vodafone. Only GPRS/3G access is locked, but you can use iPhone as a phone, SMS, or even internet access, but only with wireless, as you did.

    So please, if you still can put your Cosmote SIM and test that function, I would be very grateful.. I'm just very curious right now. Either these sales managers understand something or not.. :))

    I'm still very surprised that they didn't let me to put my foreign SIM card and check it on the test iPhone. It would be a problem in my country at all. It's so simple! Or they don't even know how to do it.... :)))