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I'm running iphone firmware 2.1 and itunes

Today when I got home I downloaded 4 updates for my applications.

Save Benjis

I paused the download of "currency" (I wasn't sure I wanted to install it, since it now includes adds), then I sync'd my iphone with no errors, all 3 applications updated. Later, I unpaused "Currency" and let it finish downloading.

After the download finished I started another sync with my iphone and got the error:

"MagicPad - iPhone Copy / Paste and More" was not copied to the iPhone "blah" because it cannot be played on this iphone.

*I've never downloaded/purchased MagicPad, or even looked at it in the itunes store.* I've checked my Mobile Applications folder and I can find no reference too it. I have no idea how itunes got any reference of it.

I tried deleting Currency from my list of applications in itunes and re-syncing my phone with no change.

Any ideas how itunes could think it has magicpad to install?

iPhone 3G 2.1