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I get music and then when I want to sync I have to connect my iPod(Duh).So I open iTunes and I plug in the iPod with the USB Port.Once I do that it says Connected for 1 second and then ejects itself.I switch the port, it says connected for 1 second again, then ejects itself.I've tried resetting the iPod(Holding the center button and Menu), re downloading and reinstalling iTunes and still no luck.What's wrong and how can I fix it?

PC, Windows XP, WIndows XP Service Pack 3
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    Same with mine - if I plug it in, it says 'conected' for about 5 seconds, then 'ejecting' and it does not show up anywhere (itunes or explorer).

    It used to work fine before I installe itunes 8.
    Can anybody help?! Thanks!
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    Got it: the ipod was connected to a USB hub; so I pulled out that one and connected the ipod to a different USB port. Then connected the USB hub again. And it worked Makes me wonder...
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    My ipod also makes the same matter nevertheless I've change usb port I try to rreset it but that doesent work
    thank you for your answer
    Excused me for my English
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    I solved the constant connection/disconnection problem on my 3G iPod Nano by buying a Belkins 5 port PCI USB Card Model FSU220 and connecting my iPod to this card rather than the on board USB. The Belkins card uses a NEC USB controller chip. I believe the constant connection/disconnection problem is caused when a VIA Chip is used as the USB Controller. If you are having this problem you probably have a VIA USB controller.

    Although other cards with other controllers might solve the problem I bought this one because it was available locally (about $35.00 at Staples) and it is Mac and Windows compatible.

    I tried restarting the computer, re-installing iTunes, connecting to a different USB plug, and returning the iPod for another and nothing worked. Installing the card solved the problem for me.

    Interesting to note that my previous ipod classic worked on the computer's built-in USB plugs without any problems. Also interesting is that I could keep the iPod connected to the computer and transfer files to the iPod (not music files) as long as iTunes was not running.