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Our 'modem' connection to the Internet is a 3G USB stick ... currently we have it plugged into the MBP and share it via Wi-fi with the iMac & MBA ... I guess it could be plugged into any one of the three & still provide connection OK ... but if we get the TC promoted from doorstop to hub for the network (Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet), how should we use the stick ?

Most convenient would be to have it plugged into the USB port of the TC (which could sit on the window-ledge, for good 3G reception) and link the TC to the computers by Wi-Fi, for minimum wires - no speed reduction 'cos 3G not that fast (?) - but I'm not sure that would be OK ?

3G reception deteriorates quite quickly away from the window, and having one of the computers by the window would not be easy / convenient

Anybody have a solution, please ?

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Solved by Duane on Sep 20, 2008 9:17 PM Solved
The 3G USB stick will not work attached to a USB port on the Time Capsule. The Time Capsule's USB port only supports USB hard drives and USB printers.