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I have had my nano for about two weeks now. It seemed to be doing well until several small scratches began to "surface". I have been nothing but careful with it and have never used it without carrying it in my iPod sock.

And then tonight something completely unexpected happened. I was using my iPod and when I glanced at it I noticed a dimple on the surface just below the display. Does this mean I have a defective nano? I have done nothing to cause this and as I said previously have been extremely careful with it. I am afraid that if I continue to use it that it may possibly get worse or even crack. Does anyone have a photo of a cracked iPod nano? I am not at all trying to bash Apple. I love iPods and have had every one they have made except for the mini. I am simply just trying to verify whether or not getting a dimple is normal or not. Anyone else had that happen?
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    I realize about scratches, but it is dented. I mean we're talking an actual indention on the device. I will try calling them tomorrow about it. From what I have read they have been very courteous to other consumers that have called them...
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    I just got off the phone with Keven in the Apple Product Support dept. Apparently a dent is something new to them, and the person I spoke with went as far as to say he had had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER with iPods. I was baffled by this but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He wanted me to take it into an Apple Authorized reseller and gave me a case number for it. Problem is........ the nearest reseller is about 2 hours away. I wanted to just mail it in but he said it would need to be inspected first. The scratches are also getting more and more abundant and obvious. If I don't get this resolved in a week I will probably put it on eBay because I fear this thing is too d@mn fragile for me.
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    Ok, feeling a little turned off by the whole thing, a memory came to mind. When I first opened the box, there was a tiny scratch on the screen, but a very deep one. Being the kind of person I am, I didn't let it get to me. I however forgot to mention this when I spoke to the apple rep. SO I called back and told them that, and after waiting on hold for 5 min, they said that they would be sending a box for my iPod, for replacement! I am very pleased with the professional manner they are handling this and highly recommend anyone else who feels they have one of the bad apples to at least contact them and verify it, or take it to the local apple store (that is if it's not over 60 miles away). Cheers.
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    My nano quit working a few days ago. When I had time I went into an Apple Store in a mall across town. No problem what so ever. They said they could replace it immediately or I could send it back in to Apple for a new one with my engraving. Overall I am very pleased how strongly they stand behind their products.
    Honestly I think the scratches are inevitable for now.
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    a dimple? it's definitely a defect. return it.
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    What is a dimple look like on the nano?
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    basically like a hail stone dent on a car.
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    Hmm, I checked my status of the repair job and it says "Original Product Returned". I hope this means that I'm not getting the same one back........... Or if I do I hope it at least has a new shell on it. Guess I'll find out tomorrow....
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    Hey John, I'm from Germany and i have the same problem.
    I really handle the nano with care. I got it 2 days ago and it still looked good till an hour ago or so.
    There were only a few minor scratches that you won't see, but then the nano dropped from a height of about 10 cm (3 inches) on the earplugs on my plastictable and now there is this dimple on the back of the nano on the metalplate and it looks really nasty. I am really shocked that it can be damaged that fast, because it fell not that hard...
    I don't know if i should contact apple now and try to refurbish it, i dont even know if they will do it coz i got an engraving on the back. I really love the nano but its way to sensitive to anything. Probably i will go to the apple store next week to ask them if they will redo it for free, but then it will take like forever till i will get it back.
    I definetely need to get a protection case for the nano but there aren't any good ones out yet.
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    I would report it. I never get my stuff engraved for when I upgrade and sell them on Ebay.


    I got my iPod back today. Not only were my worst fears realized (is was the same one I mailed to them, unrepaired) BUT IT HAD MORE SCRATCHES THAN IT HAD WHEN I ORIGINALLY SENT IT. Now there is a HUGE scratch across the front. It looks like someone just took a car key and ran it back and forth several times. Needless to say, I called Apple back and they said I shouldn't have even been issued a return. BUT now I am going to get a new one shipped to me and I get to keep this one until I recieve the new one (since the rep told me I would get a replacement). Apparently the reason I got shipped the same one is because they made a ticket wrong or something. It's really sad though to have to go through this much trouble and honestly if they hadn't done anything I more than likely would have just sold it on eBay and bought something else. Luckily that isn't the case. I will keep everyone updated as to what happens next.
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    hmm reading wat u just said. i agree that this is a hassle. i hope apple improves