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I use FCP 5 on my dual 1.8GHZ G4, recently I upgraded to FCP 5.0.4 and I got problems capturing so I don't know if it has any impact but when I capture video after 20 minutes I got a message error and I click ESC and no video is in the bin. I checked the capture scratch folder and the video is there but impossible to open it! so I trash it and try again. by luck I may have a ten minutes part of the video but the whole is inexitent!

any help?! I tried in the preference ticking off boxes but nothing seems to change.


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    one thing you may want to check is if your "Capture now" system setting limit is set to 20 minutes or less.

    Go to FCP main menu>Final Cut Pro>System settings>check out the setting for "*Limit Capture Now*" (right at the bottom of the window).

    If it it is (I think it is by default) change the setting to the number of minutes you wish.

    That might be a lead.

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    thanks for your help unfortunetly I already did that long time ago but I ticked off another thing about time break and warnings so it worked

    I guess it has its mood ahahh