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Hi folks - I am having problems installing the Airport Express unit. The light turns green but then I have no connection. I am just a newbie with my new Mac a few months old. I love the Mac and I recently purchased the iPhone. Great products...I do receive my music from my phone and pc - but the Airport Express is not connected. Paid $99 bucks for it - so figure I might as well make use of it. Can anyone help?

I have never got the light to turn "blue." Any suggestions?


Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    Hello pedalspinner. Welcome to the Apple Discussions! ... and the Apple Family!

    To help, we would need to understand how you want to use your new AirPort Express Base Station (AX). That is, do you only want to use it for either sharing a USB printer and/or streaming iTunes, or do you want it to do that plus provide wireless access to the Internet? Do you have another router (wired or wirelessly) in your network configuration or do you only have the AX connected directly to your DSL/cable modem? If you do have another router, what is its make & model?
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    Thanks for replying. I guess it was for wireless to connect to my iPhone & iTunes.Although I do receive email through my iPhone. The device is not connected, because when I do insert the Ethernet cable into the device, it states that I am not connected to my computer.
    No, I do not have another device. Is this my problem, because I removed the ethernet cable which I had connected to my pc to the AX.

    Right now it is not plugged in - I have to remove it in order to get on the internet. I printed off the instructions from Apple, so going to see if this works. If not, I shall be back.

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    In order for the AX to provide a wireless network to share the Internet connection, it would need to be connected directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable. If you PC does not have wireless, then this particular modem may not be the right one for your network requirements. Another option would be to acquire a wireless router that has a built-in Ethernet switch like the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn) or something similar from another vendor. With this type of router, you would be able to connect both wired and wireless clients. However, you would lose the ability to stream iTunes. As a workaround to that, you would retain the AX, and then, connect it either by wire or wirelessly to the AEBSn for streaming.