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Hi there
I have a PlayList on my iPhone but not on my iTunes (why ever).
How can I export the playlist on my iphone (not the songs only the playlist in XML for example). After that I want to import this XML into my iTunes Library.
Thanks in advance!

MacBook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    The only Playlist that you can create on an iPhone is an On-The-Go Playlist and with firmware version 2.1, you can also create a Genius Playlist, which should be synced with your iTunes library when syncing.

    There is no other way to do so from the iPhone.
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    I don't want to create a new PlayList on my iPhone. On my iPhone there is one PlayList which I want to get back to my iTunes lib. The reason is i lost my playlist on my iTunes (with hundrets of songs in it) and I don't want to create a new one by hand. btw: I don't need to copy the music files from the iPhone. These files still are in my iTunes lib.
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    Since you deleted this Playlist in iTunes on your computer, you need to manually recreate the Playlist in iTunes unless you maintain an iTunes backup that you can restore from.

    This is not possible with or from the iPhone.

    With the exception of an On-The-Go Playlist and a Genius Playlist created on the iPhone, the sync process for iTunes content is in one direction only - from your iTunes library on your computer to your iPhone.
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    Not the story I wanted to hear....
    Anyway, Thanks for the fast answer!

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    Here I found a Applescript which exports all or selected playlists from iPhone or iPod. That was exactly what I'm looking for.


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    Regarding the link above to my site: I have no idea what AppleScript the poster is referring to and the link he has posted is erroneous.