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Hey i was wondering if there is any ipod trade in program

I currently own 3 ipods

Ipod Mini (1st Gen).. the battery is out i guess and needs to be replaced, when i charge it, after a while it says its full, when i disconnect it from the power supply, it says battery empty

my second ipod is Ipod Nano, i think 1st gen too.. the screen broke while i was working out

3rd ipod, is nano.. nothing is wrong with it

so i am thinking of trading in all 3 ipods and getting myself the new Ipod Nano

Reasons why i want the ipod nano, because its size, i wont carry an iTouch while i work out.. too much hassle

is there a place where i can trade in 3 ipods and get store credit for the ipod Nano?

thanks in advance

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