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hello all,

When I first got my ATV a couple weeks ago and did the first sync, I got a dialog telling me that some songs couldn't be copied because they couldn't be found. They were in the library but iTunes had lost track of the disk location. I'd moved or deleted the music files via Finder. Those were easy to fix.

But for 4 songs (podcasts, actually) I'm stumped. They won't sync to the ATV because the file can't be found. I can tell from the names that they're old podcasts but when I try to search for them in the iTunes 'finder' window (so I can just delete them from there), they don't show up at all. I've unsubscribed from the podcast entirely (and deleted it from my library), but those four ghost files keep trying to sync and keep telling me they can't.

I don't really want them to sync because the podcasts are long since listened to and deleted off my drive. I just want to remove them from the iTunes library...but I can't find them at all, no matter how I search for them. I opened up the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file and sure enough, those four podcasts show up there. Why don't they show up in my iTunes when I search for them? Any way to get rid of something from an iTunes library that doesn't show up in the iTunes finder window?

much thanks

Macbook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Apologies for replying to my own question, but a few more minutes of digging around and I got the answer...

    Seems the podcasts were showing up as part of a smart playlist, even through they weren't showing up when the main Libraries (Music or Podcasts). I deleted them from there and problem solved.

    Again, apologies.