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Jason Ullom Level 1 (130 points)
I just upgraded my touch software to 2.1. I installed some new games and applications to use with the new upgrade. I noticed that when im listening to a playlist or any type of music for that matter, at the end of a song it just stops playing. One time, I could see the time rolling on the song but no music coming through (i know sound was active as i could hear the little tone when you start or stop an application). after i go out and in and then choose another playlist, it starts playing again for a few songs anyway and then stops. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


dell 3ghz pent., Windows XP Pro
  • seanterisu Level 1 (0 points)
    I, too, have a problem very similar to this. Occasionally on random songs, after anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds of playing, the timer will continue on as if nothing is wrong, but the music will just stop playing. The only way I solve this is by going forward 2-3 songs, then going back to the original song, and usually skipping forward ~20 seconds to try to avoid having to repeat the process.

    I'm really interested to find out what the problem is, because I just bought my iPod yesterday!
  • guldduster Level 1 (0 points)
    There are more people out there with the same problem you experience. Have a look at this thread. The only way for me to solve this is to do a hard reset. Then I have music-sound again but I never now for how long, sometimes 1-2 songs, sometimes 1 week. I have sound in games or other apps.